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Expect the best from your Software AG products with Fast Track Services. No one knows our products better ... no one else can help you achieve a faster ROI. Choose from these offerings:

                    Cumulocity IoT Device Connectivity

Get connected – the right way. Better understand your connection options for Cumulocity IoT and the best implementation approach. Take advantage of the plug-n-play feature with zero coding needed to connect every “thing” with simple SDKs and APIs.

                    Application Builder for Cumulocity IoT

Tailor your UI to your business needs with a hands-on introduction to the Application Builder for Cumulocity IoT. Learn to identify quick wins that support immediate business needs. Experience a simple, coding-free way to create new front-end applications.

                    Cumulocity IoT Streaming Analytics – Get Started

Get a hands-on intro to streaming analytics rules for Cumulocity IoT using Apama. Learn best practices for streaming use cases, create analytics models and learn how to extend reusable analytics blocks. Come away with your first rules and custom analytics blocks in place – and the confidence to identify use cases that benefit from streaming analytics.   

                    Cumulocity IoT UI Development – Get Started

Take a guided tour of UI development based on Cumulocity WebSDK (Angular). Learn how to set up a first UI project based on best practices with expert guidance. Hit the ground running - develop a custom widget, integrate it into the Cumulocity dashboard and extend Cumulocity applications to meet your needs. 

                    IoT OEE QuickStart

Use the trusted overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metric to measure machine availability, performance and quality. This QuickStart augments the Cumulocity IoT OEE application so you can quickly adopt OEE and get precisely the results you need.

                    IoT Microservices Development — Get Started

Get the value out of our microservices – fast – when you take advantage of our Cumulocity IoT experts. Their collaborative, hands-on approach will help you identify an initial use case and guide you through all of the steps of building your best fit microservices in our flexible IoT platform. 

                    Cumulocity IoT Architecture Assessment

This IoT consulting service helps you avoid pitfalls while you gain best-practice insights. Build confidence in your IoT architecture through discovery activities, a review of your business case and solution design, and detailed documentation with recommendations to help with next steps. Advance your team’s IoT knowledge and skills with expert guidance.

                    Cumulocity IoT QuickStart

Speed up your IoT journey. Our experts help you ideate, build a proof of concepts and prove its value. We will help you generate a business model and roadmap, implement your project, and support, improve and scale your solution. There’s no easier way to get started with IoT than with the Cumulocity IoT QuickStart program. 

                    Experience IoT – Get Started

The early days of an IoT project are critical to successful outcomes. Hit the ground running and build your IoT solutions on the Cumulocity platform with best-of-breed device management, advanced analytics and integration capabilities.

                    API Management QuickStart

Easily unlock the value of API Management with a guided tour through your first API management project. Know how to evangelize the benefits of APIs in your business solutions and be better equipped to deliver customer-centric experiences.

           - Get Started

Get up to speed, quickly automating manual processes for value-added services using Eliminate the need for an unnecessary "heavy” IT development process and actualize your integration use cases in the fastest way possible.

                    webMethods Integration Product Fundamentals

Accelerate your webMethods project team’s know-how with a dedicated blended training session, building foundational skills for webMethods integration projects. Teams get introduced to the webMethods hybrid integration platform and actualize the skills needed for successful integration projects.


Ramp up faster with Get personalized, hands-on assistance in setting up to integrate apps in the cloud. A consultant leads you through implementation and delivers a working minimum viable product tailored to your use case. Ideal if you’re new to integration technology and want to get immediately productive using

                    webMethods Architecture Assessment

Avoid pitfalls and gain best-practice insights from an experienced webMethods architect. Evaluate the resiliency, stability and performance of your webMethods architecture. A consultant leads you through architecture discovery, reviews your business case and solution design, and recommends next steps. Ideal when you want to hone the skills of your IT architects and lead designers.

                    API Management Architecture Assessment

This API consulting service helps you define a winning strategy for your webMethods solution. Build confidence in your architecture through a series of architecture discovery exercises and a review of your business case and solution design. Benefit from the experience of a Software AG consultant who understands the intricacies of API management and can mentor your IT architects and lead designers.

                    webMethods Upgrade Assessment

When it’s time to upgrade to the next version of webMethods, get a helping hand to do it right. Our assessment will streamline your path to success with our proven approach to upgrades. Get to know the new features to flatten the learning curve and make the most of the upgrade from day one.

                    Mainframe Modernization Assessment

Be confident in your application architecture. Our technology experts’ best practice recommendations help you unlock the potential of your existing solution architecture and stored data. Know your solutions are architected with resiliency, stability and performance in mind.

                    BPM Health Check

Drive more value from your solution with the Business Process Management (BPM) Health Check. A review of your database, modelling style, and way of working will help you gain focus for your business process initiatives, improve adoption and ensure that ARIS is used effectively in your organization.

                    ARIS Enterprise – Get Started

Not sure where to start with enterprise-wide process management? Let our experts set you up for success with ARIS Enterprise. Guidance on best practices and accelerators help you avoid common missteps and get what you need from your Enterprise Management System (EMS).

                    ARIS Advanced – Get Started

Build the foundation you need to jump-start your Process Excellence initiatives and get value fast from ARIS Advanced. Learn how to use Software AG accelerators to tailor your business processes and lay the foundation that will optimize your ARIS investment.

                    Alfabet Accelerator – Get Started

Get hands-on guidance to bring your Portfolio Management Solution to life. Establish a foundation to implement best practices and make the most of Alfabet.

                    ARIS SaaS Upgrade Guidance

Make the most of your ARIS technology investments by upgrading to the latest product version. Our team will guide you through the process for upgrading your existing ARIS-based solutions so you can drive efficiencies with the most current product capabilities.

                    ARIS Process Mining – Get Started

Flatten your learning curve and get right to work with all that ARIS Process Mining has to offer. With this Fast Track offer, our consultant will coach you through sample processes and share best practices to make the most of your ARIS investment.

                    Advisory Session

Your time is valuable and so are your technology investments. That’s where the Advisory Session comes in. Leverage Software AG experience and know how to get insights on your most pressing business priorities. Whether it’s a discussion on best practices or specific to reference implementations, we’ll make sure you are on the right patch to success.

                    On-Call Support

Sometimes you need a little extra help. On-Call Support gives you access to technical help, no matter the hour, no matter the severity of the problem. Your technology issues get prompt attention - and you get peace of mind.

                    Consultant Mentoring

Leverage an experienced Software AG consultant for 40 hours of tailored, hands-on help on webMethods, Cumulocity IoT, ARIS, Alfabet or Adabas & Natural projects. Ideal for project implementations. Get short-term help by extending your team with a knowledgeable product consultant.

                    Specialist Consultant Mentoring

Hire a Software AG product expert for 40 hours to make an immediate contribution to your success. An expert consultant can guide you on webMethods, Cumulocity IoT, ARIS, Alfabet or Adabas & Natural projects. Get short-term help with high-value impact. Ideal for workshops or project implementations.

                    Project Governance Review

Gain insight into the health of your project by applying proven project management best practices. The Project Governance Review will teach you to proactively manage risks and improve expectations from stakeholders. Included are stakeholder interviews and reviews of project documentation, communication plan, and quality management and change control processes.

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