Dutch Railways

                Keeping ISO 9001 certification on track with ARIS

Few organizations know as much about the importance of process excellence as Dutch Railways. Processes are what keep their trains running. But to make sure its passengers can rely a rail system that is well maintained and always on time, Dutch Railways needs to maintain its ISO 9001 certification - the quality management stamp of approval. It’s not only good business. It’s required by the Dutch government. Without that certification, Dutch Railways would lose its license to operate.

This is one of the things that Maarten Geijsberts, process business consultant at Dutch Railways, is responsible for. He and his team use ARIS to bring together all of its process information and to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 certification standards.  

What problem did Software AG and ARIS help solve? 
All the information we have is different. So different kind of level of information – it’s everywhere, it’s outdated or it’s new and every department or process has its own opinion or view of how the information has to be modeled or stored. And now it’s time to bring it all together in one system and one view. 

How does Dutch Railways use ARIS? 
The Dutch Railways is using ARIS as a system to store its processes first and second to use them for process optimization and digitalization. We also have an ARCM, so risk and compliance is connected to the processes. So we have to know our processes. We have to know the way we’re working and we have to be in control of it. We have to show them – these are our processes, this is the way of working, and this is we comply with not only ISO but also to all the regulations of the government or any other type or form of regulation. 

Why is ARIS key to Dutch Railways’ success? 
ARIS is key to success for Dutch Railways in one big issue at the moment. We are depending on an ISO 9001 certificate. If we lose that, we lose the license to operate. And if we lose our license to operate, we have no way or even the means to exist. 

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