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Software AG empowers customers to innovate, differentiate and win in the digital world. That’s why we are constantly seeking to expand our portfolio of products and services through acquisitions and investments. Software AG acquires technologies and companies that complement and enhance our offerings and market position as well as enable us to enter new geographies or business areas. In the past 10 years, acquisitions have included webMethods, Inc., a market leader in integration technologies and BPM, and IDS Scheer, the market leader in process analysis and modeling.

Learn about our recent acquisitions:


Software AG has announced the acquisition of the business and technology of Complex-Event-Processing (CEP) Platform Apama. CEP allows organizations to immediately respond with timely and relevant actions related to operational, transactional and fraudulent activity- by correlating and analyzing business events across multiple data streams in real-time.

The Apama Event Processing Platform is a complete design and deployment environment for CEP applications. From graphical design tools to research and backtesting utilities, the complex event processing (CEP) platform provides analysts, developers and administrators a full lifecycle design center that is optimized for CEP solutions.

Apama is the leading provider of CEP technology to capital markets participants in trading, risk and compliance. The Apama platform offers a flexible and powerful platform for developing event driven applications as well as specific solutions for Algo Trading, FX eCommerce and Market Surveillance and Monitoring.


  • Unique graphical development tools accessible to business users. 

  • Concise, richly-featured event processing language.

  • Sophisticated analytics with native support for temporal arguments.

  • Immediate response to detected event patterns.

  • Highly scalable, patented event-driven architecture, supporting tens of thousands of scenarios.

  • Auto-generation of visually appealing and scalable user dashboards.

  • Flexible event replay for testing new event scenarios and analyzing existing ones.

  • Simultaneous processing of discreet (individual) and streaming events – with measurement & monitoring capabilities within a single engine.

  • Automated and secure packaging of EPL code.

Apama's CEP products also fuel fast data for financial services more broadly as well as ecommerce and telecommunications supporting fraud prevention, location and context-aware event processing and customer experience management.


Software AG acquires alfabet AG and strengthens market position.

CONNX Solutions

Software AG “walks the talk” by announcing the acquisition of CONNX Solutions to retain access to key Adabas & Natural SQL technology and skills over the coming decades.


Cumulocity GmbH, based in Dusseldorf, Germany, develops innovative solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) offering connectivity for networked digital devices and sensors through a cloud-hosted IoT device management and application enablement platform. Embedding Cumulocity’s IoT solutions into Software AG’s portfolio allows enterprises to integrate their IT applications with operational IoT devices – providing maximum ease of use, flexibility and ultimately business value. For Software AG, the acquisition of Cumulocity is a further step in the expansion of its technology leadership in the IoT area, following the successful acquisition of the artificial intelligence company Zementis.


Software AG strengthened its research and development activities with the Leipzig-based itCampus Software- und Systemhaus GmbH (itCampus). With this acquisition, Software AG further expanded its German research capacity in the realm of process automation. With 120 employees and enormous potential for innovation, ItCampus is supplier of software and communication solutions for the call center, energy, medical, and public administration industries.


Software AG acquired Cloud Platform vendor LongJump. The acquisition allows Software AG to extend its customer offerings to address departmental and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) projects through end-user, self-service application development. This gives enterprises the agility and responsiveness needed by customers to address continuously changing business demands. Software AG will also continue to develop and extend LongJump’s Platform-as-a-Service products for fast and flexible cloud based development and deployment of situational and case management applications.


Software AG has announced a strategic investment in Berlin-based metaquark and its mobile technology. This investment, which includes a buy-out option, secures Software AG’s access to metaquark’s innovative product AppFresh Mobile, which is an integral part of webMethods Mobile Suite under the name Mobile Administrator.

With Mobile Administrator, customers can:

  • Distribute private mobile apps and services to employees, customers and partners
  • Ensure the security of services and data delivered to mobile devices
  • Manage the increasing number of personally owned devices
  • Support the diversity of mobile platforms and devices
  • Control employee use of consumer app stores
  • Apply enterprise policies to mobile apps and devices

metaquark and Software AG have already integrated their mobile technologies and will continue to jointly develop and enhance Software AG’s webMethods Mobile Suite. With integrated metaquark technology, Software AG now offers an enterprise apps store for managing corporate-approved apps and the rapidly increasing number of mobile devices from multiple providers used by employees.

webMethods Mobile Suite fully supports Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) requirements and spans the full mobile life cycle, from developing and deploying apps to securely integrating and managing them. Leveraging the investment of existing webMethods customers, the suite can also bring existing IT services and processes to mobile devices in an efficient way.


Software AG has acquired Metismo Ltd. and will integrate its leading mobile application development technology into the webMethods integration platform. As a result, Software AG customers will be able to quickly and easily extend integrations and process interaction to virtually any mobile device, such as an Android™, Blackberry®, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

The new Software AG product will save weeks of design time. Developers will be able to design abstracted code once, and then create native applications on multiple mobile devices simultaneously. Integrated with the popular Eclipse development framework, the product will employ a powerful abstraction layer to make development extremely easy and quick.

The resulting mobile apps will be created and deployed in native format to take full advantage of end-device features, such as GPS sensors or custom user controls. Pixel-level control of the user interface will ensure full use of each mobile device’s graphics capabilities to produce visually stunning applications.

Software AG customers will be able to leverage investments in current applications, existing data streams and automated processes to easily develop the fully automated office. They’ll be able to easily extend their business processes into the mobile space so employees, customers and trading partners can interact with enterprise systems from anywhere.


Software AG acquires my-Channels, provider of the high-performance Nirvana messaging platform. Our customers will benefit from a universal messaging platform across the Enterprise, the Cloud and to Mobile Apps.

Nirvana provides extremely fast (low latency) messaging software complementing and extending Software AG’s current integration technology. The acquisition of my-Channels will enable Software AG’s customers to leverage their enterprise applications, cloud-based applications, and mobile devices through a unique, universal messaging layer.

For many business processes, real-time data needs to be securely delivered across a growing number of channels, application frameworks and devices to remain competitive. Customers will now have the ability to stream large volumes of critical data to employees, customers and partners anywhere. This is a major step in implementing Software AG’s strategy for the in-memory management of Big Data.


Software AG is acquiring Terracotta Inc., a recognized leader in distributed caching and in-memory computing for Java, to radically improve application performance and scalability for enterprise and cloud applications.

Terracotta is the company behind some of the most widely used software for application scalability and performance, including the de facto caching standard for enterprise Java. The company’s software is deployed in more than 500,000 enterprise installations, including by the majority of the Fortune 2000.

Its product portfolio includes:

  • Enterprise Ehcache, an easy-to-deploy solution for hard-to-solve scale and throughput problems. With only two configuration changes, Enterprise Ehcache gives business-critical applications the capacity for non-disruptive, cost-efficient growth and migration to cloud environments.

  • BigMemory™, a breakthrough solution for the universal problem of garbage collection in Java applications. With a few simple configuration changes, BigMemory builds on and extends the capabilities of open-source Ehcache, the most widely used Java cache.

  • Quartz Scheduler, an enterprise-grade, commercial product that can be integrated with or used alongside virtually any Java application—from the smallest app to the largest enterprise system—to provide fast, flexible and extremely reliable job execution. 

The acquisition allows Software AG’s customers to implement significantly larger Business Process Excellence projects. That's because, with Terracotta solutions, accessing in-memory data is as much as 1,000 times faster than database access. This provides the performance and scalability needed to take full advantage of technology advancements in cloud computing, mobile computing, complex event processing and virtualization.


Zementis, Inc. with headquarters in San Diego, California, provides software solutions for AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. The company was founded on the principle that data science teams and IT departments can collaborate seamlessly and efficiently, allowing predictive models to rapidly move from development to deployment, so that businesses and other data-centric organizations can easily incorporate predictive analytics into their routine operations. 

CIO Review recognized Zementis as one of the “Top 20 most promising Big Data companies in 2013”, and Gartner named Zementis a “Cool Vendor in Data Science” in 2014. Its decisions engines for AI, machine learning and predictive models are designed from the ground up to benefit from open standards and to significantly shorten the time-to-market for predictive solutions in any industry. 

Complementing Software AG’s open platform strategy, Zementis’ ADAPA (Adaptive Decision and Predictive Analytics) has already been embedded into the Digital Business Platform to offer enterprises comprehensive insights for real time business analytics.

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