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Many IoT platforms built by early adopters have grown expensive to manage and minimize the value of using IoT in the first place—that is, speed-to-market and low-cost innovation. Although these IoT systems fall short of expectations, enterprises are nervous about replacing them.

Here’s good news. Research from IoT specialist analyst MachNation states that the risks associated with replacing legacy IoT platforms can be significantly reduced by following a six-step approach. Not only that, MachNation found that:

Enterprises can save more than 90% in five years by using a best-in-class IoT platform rather than building their own IoT platforms.

If your IoT platform lacks speed and efficiencies of scale, discover a risk-free way to move to a better one. Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why in-house platforms don’t always work
  • What to look for in an IoT platform
  • Six essential steps to make a platform switch
  • How to reduce platform risks
  • Key technology, ecosystem and organizational considerations

MachNation is the only firm dedicated to testing and researching Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, middleware and services. Benefit from MachNation’s insight—complete this form to download “SIX STEPS TO REPLACING YOUR IoT APPLICATION ENABLEMENT PLATFORM.”

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