Strategic portfolio management

Manage your IT portfolio like a serial innovator

Is your IT ready to support ongoing innovation?

When it comes to innovation, being a one-hit wonder won’t cut it. Your modern business requires an IT practice that supports ongoing, sustainable business innovation. However without a streamlined IT portfolio and insights into the impact of change, your IT won’t be agile enough to pivot with the changing times—and it won’t align with business priorities.

Get it wrong, and you’ll be left behind as digital native companies capture new market opportunities.

How can you fine tune your IT landscape to support innovation? Go with the leader in enterprise architecture managementIT planning tools  and IT portfolio management software—Alfabet.

Industry-analyst-recognized Alfabet helps you invest in IT wisely by managing your current IT portfolio and collaboratively planning for a future of innovation.

Make strategic IT decisions
Your IT decisions should be closely tied to your business strategy. Improve your strategy-to-execution alignment with Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM).
Secure IT budget
Start maximizing IT with application rationalization, optimizing for cost reduction and increased agility. 
Manage your IT investments
Learn how to make strategic IT investments that will have a positive impact on your business.
Respond to crises
IT portfolio managers have an important role to play in helping the business make the right decisions during a crisis. 
Be cloud ready
Learn how IT portfolio management can be utilized to define, implement and execute on your cloud deployment strategy.
Be an agile enterprise
Discover how you seamlessly scale Agile development, delivery and decision making across your entire enterprise.  

                    Get value out of your IT investment with Alfabet

Be smart about Investing in IT with Alfabet. Align your IT portfolio software to business and protect investments by exposing dependencies between software portfolios—current and future.
Meet the Strategic Portfolio Management products
Use AI-augmented analytics, conversational UI features and automated translation to extend portfolio management beyond the IT organization. Promote greater stakeholder participation and maximize the user experience.
Alfabet FastLane
Get started today with IT portfolio management in the cloud. You’ll get answers fast about your IT investments for better cost management, improved agility and faster delivery of IT innovations for the business.

IT’s easier without complexity
Digitalization demands change—and lots of it—with awesome innovations that leverage the cloud, the Internet of Things, bimodal IT, agile development and DevOps. Be bold on change when you understand the impact from every angle with Alfabet for IT software portfolio management.

                    Be business-like on IT change

Run IT like a business by evaluating assets, returns and risks to make smart investment, divestment and hold decisions. Deliver on key initiatives to support core business strategies—company acquisitions, operations, globalization, business model transformation and compliance. Respond successfully to digitalization challenges: new technologies, new business channels and new security threats.

                    See how much there is to know

Estimate the impact everywhere with “whole-view management”—know interdependencies between portfolios for applications, technologies, projects, services and APIs. Determine what will be affected by any given project or change to reduce project risk and be able to take on more projects.

                    Make your IT portfolio agile

Increase your portfolio of IT assets' agility in implementing business initiatives faster, thus improving time-to-market for new business products. Streamline portfolios and use Agile portfolio and feature management capabilities to leverage Agile delivery methods and align delivery to business and IT strategy.

                    Lower project, data & application risk

Safeguard IT project investments, ensure business continuity, and increase compliance with regulatory requirements. Reduce change-related system disruptions and cost overruns by knowing how applications and processes are connected. Understand the upstream and downstream implications of change to plan better and aggressively pursue strategic projects.

                    Set the pace for change

Differentiate between the need for speed—whether to support a business innovation, a new market segment or the back office—and determine how fast systems need to change. Group systems as per the needed rate of change and tailor assessment criteria and the resulting handling accordingly.
See how Alfabet customers are aligning business and IT goals—and saving money in the process
The Nucleus Research Guidebook explores Software AG's Alfabet solution, showcasing its ability to optimize enterprise architecture and drive digital transformation. Alfabet empowers better IT portfolio management, informed decision-making, and alignment of technology investments with business goals.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
 Airbus Defence & Space
Airbus Defence & Space is achieving greater visibility and insights for its IT landscape evolution and optimization.
Generali pioneered agile IT in the insurance industry using a holistic approach to enterprise release management.        
Zimmer Biomet
Zimmer Biomet gained a 360-degree view of its entire application landscape and was able to accelerate medical manufacturing innovation.
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