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Nucleus Research: Guidebook on Alfabet from Software AG 

How Alfabet customers are aligning business and IT goals – and saving money in the process.

In today’s ever-changing IT world, organizations face lots of challenges in aligning their IT investments with their business objectives, managing risks, and optimizing costs. That’s where Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) solutions come in. The right tool – such as Software AG's Alfabet – can improve visibility, bridge the gap between IT and business goals, enhance security and compliance, accelerate development, and increase productivity.

To demonstrate just how effective Alfabet is in solving IT problems, Nucleus Research interviewed nine customers from a variety of industries. Nucleus then put together this guidebook, which highlights common challenges your peers face and how Alfabet addresses them effectively.

One organization managed to save over $1M in software costs by using Alfabet to identify and cut out redundant functionality. Another customer credited Alfabet with $14M in cost avoidance and they’re expecting even more savings as they expand their deployment. 

Read the guidebook to learn more about the benefits of Alfabet, including:

  • Achieving cost savings through software rationalization
  • Improved transparency and IT governance
  • Alignment of IT and business goals
  • Accelerated IT delivery
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced security and compliance

Alfabet is not just a tool. It’s a strategic enabler. It aligns IT strategy with business strategy, empowering organizations to optimize their IT landscape, embrace digital innovation, and achieve their strategic objectives. Don’t let the complexities of IT overwhelm you. Read the guidebook and learn how Alfabet can unlock the full potential of your IT investments. 

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