B2B Integration

Do business better with B2B integration

Elevate customer experiences, streamline operations, and enhance B2B relationships with a better approach to B2B integration

Be the partner everyone wants to work with
Easily and reliably connect with any B2B application you need. No more saying “no” to partners or suppliers just because your tech doesn’t match up perfectly. Engage with partners, suppliers, and customers on their terms, with seamless B2B integration and automation using your core business systems. With webMethods.io B2B, you can establish rock-solid connections with any system, whether it’s brand new, old-school, or incredibly complex. 
Gain a 360° view into your partner network
Find all the assets associated with a single partner in just a few clicks – with all your data securely stored in the cloud.
Transact with ease and trust
With support for over 17,000 document types, you are free to define communication channels, maintain document processing, and routing information.
Monitor transactions from end to end
Manage partners and transactions with end-to-end visibility and eliminate bottlenecks before they become showstoppers. 
Pay as you grow
Our B2B integration pricing is simple and flexible so you can change plans and pay for what you need and use.
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See it for yourself!
Seeing is believing. Get a personalized demo of webMethods.io B2B to experience how easy your partner interactions can be with the right B2B integration platform in place.
What makes webMethods.io B2B different?

                    Complete application connectivity for B2B transactions

Connect to any application, including legacy systems, on-premises software, custom applications, SaaS apps, or IoT devices. Our fully supported connectors ensure backward compatibility expediting new B2B transaction deployments.

                    Be in control of your B2B data

Have 24/7 real-time access to your B2B data and make changes when needed – no more queues, tickets and waiting time. 

                    Automated partner transactions

Complex supply chains often lead to inefficiencies and errors. Automate order management and supplier-related communications.

                    Partner onboarding and management

Traditional partner onboarding processes can take days or weeks. Our solution allows you to create and populate partner profiles for onboarding in minutes.

                    Partner self-service portal

Manual partner management can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Provide secure access for partners to manage contact details and communication preferences.

                    API-driven B2B integration

Many partners prefer APIs over complex EDI and XML systems. Continuously modernize and evolve your B2B integrations with webMethods and enable API-first services. 


Keep your B2B and MFT close. webMethods offers managed file transfer in the cloud so you can perform secure, encrypted & governed file transfers with analytics and reporting.
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