APIs and integration for manufacturers

Discover new possibilities by leveraging APIs and integration to access real-time and on-demand data and streamlined operations with the webMethods platform.
API and integration platforms in manufacturing

Manufacturers increasingly rely on API management and integration platforms to build connected, efficient, and agile ecosystems and strategies that promote productivity and elevate their competitive edge. These technologies connect disparate systems, enabling real-time data flow across the entire manufacturing ecosystem. Whether it's consolidating your production data and requirements, sharing your product catalogs and pricing with partners and customers, measuring your Scope 1 emissions, or synchronizing supply chain operations with production schedules, API and integration platforms make it possible. They turn manufacturing operations into well-orchestrated processes—automating workflows, enhancing data visibility, and accelerating decision-making.

Forward-thinking manufacturers have started to capitalize on this and have achieved:

On-demand access
API-enabled on-demand access to product catalog, supply chain capacity and static or dynamic pricing.
Supply chain capacity access
Real-time insights into inventory, shipments, and demand optimizes efficiency across the supply chain, enables sales decisions based on these insights, and empowers customers to do the same for enhanced operations.
Improved customer experiences
Provide customers with essential product information via APIs when needed, eliminating bottlenecks. This transparency boosts decisionmaking, enhances their journey and strengthens brand loyalty.
The Manufacturer’s Guide to iPaaS
Break down data silos and streamline operations with a comprehensive iPaaS. This guide details how cloud integration can optimize manufacturing through enhanced visibility, efficiency, and flexibility.

                What can you do with integration and API management?

Supply chain integration
Link with suppliers, distributors and customers to provide a streamlined, transparent supply chain with real-time inventory updates and quicker response times to changes in demand.
Real-time analytics
Collect data in real-time from various machines and processes. This data, when analyzed, provides crucial insights into operations, helping manufacturers optimize their processes, detect issues early, and improve product quality.
Product lifecycle management (PLM) enhancement
Integrate PLM systems across departments, from design to end-of-life. This ensures real-time updates on product changes, revisions, and feedback loops, enabling a quicker and more informed evolution of products.
Workflow automation
Automate workflows across the production line, reducing manual intervention and streamlining processes. This not only saves time but also minimizes errors and enhances the productivity of the manufacturing floor.
Inventory management
APIs facilitate real-time tracking of inventory levels, enabling smooth stock placement, reducing overstock scenarios, and improving overall inventory control and efficiency.
Customer satisfaction
By integrating various customer touchpoints, APIs enhance customer experience, streamline service delivery, and provide personalized customer interactions, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

How Software AG can help

Through webMethods and Streamsets, Software AG provides a combination of capabilities offered by ESBs, data integration systems, API management tools and B2B gateways. webMethods.io is an award-winning, analyst-recognized iPaaS leader and the only API, B2B, data and hybrid integration combination in the market. It's the industry’s most capable integration platform.

With webMethods + StreamSets you can:

                    Integrate (and automate) everything

  • Connect apps and services with 550+ prebuilt connectors
  • Access data and systems in complex multi-cloud environments
  • Automate tasks using an easy drag-and-drop interface

                    Manage everything about your APIs

  • Securely expose APIs to external developers, partners, and consumers
  • Track how your APIs are (or aren’t) being used in a single dashboard
  • Promote and monetize your APIs

                    Build smart data pipelines

  • Get a single design experience for all design patterns
  • Reduce breakages caused by Data Drift by 80%
  • Manage all pipelines across hybrid and cloud architectures to eliminate blind spots

                    Simplify development

webMethods.io provides a user-friendly interface and pre-built templates, which simplify the process of creating, integrating, and managing APIs. This feature allows developers to focus more on creating innovative solutions.

                    Be confident in your API security

Use webMethods API Gateway to set policies for threat protection, access control, mediation and throttling to protect financial and user data and systems. You can also easily layer on 3rd-party API security tools from partners Salt, Noname, Cequence.

                    Monitor your APIs

Monitor the success of your APIs and assess how they contribute to business goals. webMethods offers built-in advanced analytics so you can manage your APIs like products.

                    Integrate your systems

Integrate different systems and services across your business seamlessly. Whether you're integrating on-premises systems with the cloud or connecting disparate software, webMethods.io capabilities provide a robust and reliable solution.
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