Everyone’s an integrator with webMethods AI
Want an integration? Just ask. That is the big, ambitious idea behind webMethods AI, the autonomous integration platform that translates your team’s business requests into custom connections and workflows—no integration experience required. 
A new way to integrate. Really.

Everyone wants (and expects!) their SaaS applications to work together. Some connections are easy. But many aren’t, and require some API and integration magic behind the scenes. That’s where teams rely on IT to configure and maintain connections using an iPaaS

With webMethods AI, integration will be a team sport. Anyone will be able to easily connect the systems they use every day – by simply asking. It will be an integration specialist that creates custom integrations from scratch based on natural language inputs.

                    Create workflows with natural language prompts

If you know what needs to be connected, webMethods AI will do the rest. It will understand current API specs for any SaaS application, retrieve and match your custom field names, and help you schedule syncs. All you have to do is ask.

                    Easy integration for line-of-business users

Since webMethods AI will understand how APIs can deliver on your business requirements, your business users will be able to create or modify integrations by simply asking using natural language. This means your integration engineers can use their time on tasks they are uniquely qualified to handle.

                    Revise workflows, just by asking

You’ll be able to see the entire workflow visually in steps that are easy to understand. You can then edit any step simply by editing in natural language – or give the workflow an entirely new mission. (Feature coming soon.)

                    Alert monitoring (and healing)

The applications connected in your integrations are always changing. This sometimes breaks things. webMethods AI will monitor the health of your data integrations and keep fixing the errors—or simply notify you in natural language if an entry requires attention.  

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