Infographic: IoT Maturity Model

The IoT maturity curve illustrates the ways companies can leverage IoT technology to create disruptive and optimized business models. Moving up the IoT maturity model to offer smart connected products enables you to deliver new innovative solutions including remote monitoring, smart field services and performance management.

But it doesn't end there. As your IoT maturity increases, you'll be ready to transform your business model and offer Equipment-as-a-Service to build even greater value for both you and your customers.

The best news? Cumulocity IoT empowers you to advance along the IoT maturity curve at your own pace based on company and market conditions, and generate value at every step. Use the open IoT platform to scale and grow using a buy & build approach that delivers core IoT platform functionality with the option to build differentiating IoT applications on top.

IoT maturity model

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