Get strategic about your IT portfolio

Transform business and IT with the right change and investment strategies

Make sense of enterprise complexity
For a company to accomplish its goals and its strategic advancement in the market, IT must be constantly in tune with changes to business strategy. Enterprise architecture (EA) and strategic portfolio management (SPM) are essential for bridging strategy and execution. With consistent, continual practice of these interrelated disciplines, your company can boldly pursue opportunities, firmly defend its market position, and build resilience to operational risks and strategic setbacks. 
Enterprise Architecture Management
Build a single source of truth and central platform for all change agents and stakeholders.
Strategic Portfolio Management
Have a clear line-of-sight into strategy-to-execution chain of activities and understand the impact of change.
Integrate Business and IT change for strategic transformation
The best businesses use Alfabet
Alfabet can make all the difference!

                    Richest set of portfolios in the industry

All your business and IT portfolios in one centralized repository—for whole-view analysis on the impact of business and IT change.

                    Advanced support for the agile enterprise

Manage, govern and integrate scaling of Agile development and delivery—for aligned and nimble delivery of new digital business solutions.

                    Broad and easy-to-use configuration

Ensure adoption within the organization with relevant insights for a diverse range of stakeholders, orchestration across a federated environment and support for any use case.

                    Leading-edge use of AI technologies

Unlock deeper insights into the portfolio, involve business stakeholders in IT change initiatives, and accelerate change and investment decisions and execution.

                    Support for any level of EA/SPM maturity

Start your transformation journey with a best practice-based, pre-configured tool and seamlessly upgrade to enterprise-level SPM as the organization grows in maturity and desire to achieve more—better business alignment, greater cost efficiencies and savvier IT investment.
Analyst Report 

Align business and strategic goals—and save money in the process

Nucleus Research explored Software AG's Alfabet solution, showcasing its ability to optimize enterprise architecture and drive digital transformation. Alfabet empowers better IT portfolio management, informed decision-making and alignment of technology investments with business goals.
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