Strategic IT planning

                Plan and execute change with confidence

                Make the right IT decisions with Alfabet

Reinventing your business requires a solid yet flexible strategic IT planning process. You need access to a fluid flow of operational and performance data to improve decision making. You’ll have it with Alfabet for strategic IT planning.

                Increase ROI in IT

Reduce risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make IT portfolio changes.

                Align with business

Link business models with your IT architecture for a clear understanding of required change.

                Focus on what’s key 

Manage business demands to define clear and redundancy-free scope for projects.

                Sync with strategy

Derive the target architecture model and roadmap from strategy to synchronize project and architecture aims.

                Know "why change"

Verify current and planned operating models as the business foundation for enterprise transformation.

                Build a master plan

Your master plan is the keystone of a successful transformation. It translates business strategy into IT tactics.

                Make the right move with strategic IT planning

Digital business opportunities and nimble market entrants require you to change your business models fast just to survive. You can do this with the right assessment, vision and decision-support capabilities. Here’s how to make it happen with Alfabet.

                    Ensure everyone’s onboard for change

Synchronize everyone—planners, strategists, architects and portfolio managers as well as business strategy and planning stakeholders. Establish a common language and knowledge base for everyone involved in business and IT change. So when IT has to change, it changes faster and uniformly across the organization.

                    Get a clear view from strategy to execution

Ensure business strategy and demands are completely understood, prioritized and executed on. Tighten alignment between IT and management’s goals by documenting those end-state business goals and reporting on IT progress toward them.

                    IT transformation kept in control

Bring transparency, stability and governance into the strategic planning process. Use role-based reporting, workflows and configuration to adapt the system to established planning processes and company policies and monitor adherence.

                    Make sound transformation decisions 

Collect and synthesize a broad range of performance and environmental data to improve stakeholder decision making. Use state-of-the-art integration technology to leverage information from a multitude of adjacent systems to ensure a complete and accurate information basis.

                    See the big and small pictures

Develop viable solution scenarios while highlighting conflicts, redundancies and overlaps as well as alignment with longer-term architecture roadmaps. Use Alfabet’s patented master planning functionality to explore tactical options and maintain flexibility in the IT architecture. Leverage this highly condensed representation of the strategic plan for discussion at decision boards.
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Guidebook on Alfabet from Software AG
The Nucleus Research Guidebook explores Software AG's Alfabet solution, showcasing its ability to optimize enterprise architecture and drive digital transformation. Alfabet empowers better IT portfolio management, informed decision-making, and alignment of technology investments with business goals.

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