ARIS dashboarding & charts

                A process portal so relevant, it drives business decisions

                Make the most of your ARIS process content

Are you getting maximum value from your ARIS process portal? With dashboards and charts in ARIS you can enrich your process models with live system data, making them an essential part of your daily business decisions. Innovative analytics and visualizations – along with context-aware dashboards and provide actionable insights that are highly relevant for your senior executives.

                A dashboard for your data 

Analyze process data and related operational KPIs in an intuitive dashboard with contextualized displays.

                Visualize your process transformation

Create and share innovative story-telling visualizations to reach a broader audience with your process content.

                Go deeper with business insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your business at every level by revealing interdependencies between resources, risks, strategy and IT.

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                What you get with dashboards & charts in ARIS

Since you'll have access to dashboards and charts that are seamlessly integrated within ARIS, you can start getting more out of your existing process content now. 

                    Data connectivity and mashups

Enrich your existing process models with live data from operational systems. Connect to a wide range of data sources with your process portal. By blending a process model with a running process instance, you can monitor the differences between the expected and the actual values in real-time. Transform your process portal business into a foundation for senior executives to make their best decisions. 

                    Context-aware dashboards

Dashboards are easy to build and easy to understand. Show your users the most relevant info with context-aware dashboards that any user can easily interpret. Users from any group or business function will see their processes along with their KPIs. When correlations are easier to understand, users get more value out of the existing process content.


                    Interactive visual analyses

Make better and faster decisions with the help of interactive visual analytics. Process portal users can fully digest process interdependencies that guide them to the exact information they need to act quickly. Built-in collaboration tools enable users to quickly plan and implement onboarding process improvements with every department involved.

                    Out-of-the-box use cases

Get there faster with preconfigured use case-driven dashboards that can easily be applied to your ARIS portal. Standard dashboards are easy-to-use, customizable and include: Model Quality & Maturity Management, Process Performance Management, Enterprise Architecture Management and Customer Experience Management.

                    Stakeholder-specific KPIs

Different lines of business have very different demands for information. By assigning specific dashboards to your pre-configured user groups, you can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Users only see data that is relevant to them.

                Start making more of your process content today

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