Why IoT projects fail


                How to beat the odds on your IoT project

The Internet of Things has proven to transform organizations, create new business models and disrupt entire industries. So why aren’t more companies capitalizing on IoT? Many IoT projects are not meeting expectations, and many fail completely. In fact, Beecham Research tells us nearly 75% of all IoT projects aren’t considered a success.

Beat the odds with Software AG. We’ve got a plan and want to see your IoT project succeed.

                    Get the guide to IoT success

Based on experience on hundreds of IoT projects, Software AG developed a 10-step guide to IoT success. We want you to realize the incredible potential of the IoT and easily overcome some of the technical and business challenges that can lead to unsuccessful IoT projects. Read our guide to increase your chances of success—and get a free summary of Beecham Research’s study on why IoT projects fail.

                    Watch, learn and win at IoT

The first step to IoT success? Think big, start small, move fast. Hear the nine other steps in a free webcast with Beecham Research’s Robin Duke-Woolley. Robin defines the obstacles to success discovered in his research with 25,000 IoT adopters. Then he discusses with IoT expert Jürgen Krämer how to beat the odds at IoT projects. Find out how you can succeed at IoT where others have failed.

                    Let’s make IoT simple

Building an IoT solution can be complicated. Beecham Research showed 100% found connectivity was a challenge; 87% felt they lacked the right expertise; and 60% have constrained analytics. You can make IoT simple by going with a platform that’s easy to deploy—no coding needed in many cases—and comes with pre-integrated device connectivity and management, application enablement and integration, as well as streaming and predictive analytics.

                    IoT doesn’t have to be difficult

Some companies struggle with building IoT solutions using open source and parts from potentially hundreds of vendors. That proves costly and drains internal resources. Others find they are handcuffed by working with a vendor who locks them into one way of doing the IoT—a specific cloud infrastructure, deployment, proprietary standards and hardware. There’s a better way: Cumulocity IoT from Software AG.

                    Let’s do IoT right

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