Choosing an IoT application enablement platform? See what MachNation says

Are you looking to do more with the IoT? You'll need to create, implement and manage new IoT innovations ASAP—which means you'll need the right IoT application enablement platform (AEP).

MachNation, IoT test lab for industrial enterprises, the world’s leading IT vendors and communication service providers, rated 14 IoT AEP vendors from the perspective of end users. Software AG and its Cumulocity IoT platform came out a leader for the 8th consecutive year, earning a leading score in 3 out of 4 assessment categories.

MachNation highlights "Software AG’s focus on enabling non-technical users” with low-code/no-code tools “allows customers to quickly gain insights into their data and saves costly developer resources."

Read the report to learn what MachNation has to say about:

  • The new Original Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) UI that “allows customers to monitor the overall health and effectiveness of their industrial IoT equipment.”
  • Our commitment “to enabling the non-developer persona with industrial self-service analytics tools.”
  • How our platform “allows developers to extend platform functionality and adapt their solutions to evolving business needs.”

See for yourself how the vendors compare—and how you can do more, faster, with IoT using Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform.

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