Video: ARIS for sustainability

Sustainability is the next digital, and it is the new normal. It has the potential to disrupt the economy just as digital did!

Businesses have started to recognize sustainability and shared value can create long-term growth, secure brand reputation and open up new opportunities while tackling global challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change and waste pollution. This is where shared value (people, planet and profit) extends to processes as the backbone of CSR strategy and ESG initiatives toward sustainable development goals.

ARIS for sustainability anchors sustainability in operations by integrating it into business process management. As BPM focuses on the understanding and improvement of an enterprise’s business processes, ARIS for sustainability is a significant enabler toward more environmentally and socially sustainable organizations.  

ARIS facilitates sustainability initiatives with a structured methodology, an overall understanding of ESG and solution accelerators to jump-start your initiatives.

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