Enterprise architecture management

Use the right EA tool to make IT fast and agile—
a transformation enabler

Change enterprise architecture fast with Alfabet
See how fast your digital transformation can be with a lean, modern and pliable enterprise architecture and laser-focused investments. Alfabet shows you what IT assets you have today, how they interrelate, how to streamline the IT portfolio, and where you should invest to align with the digital business vision.
Validate change initiatives
See your IT portfolio from different perspectives to detect conflicts and leverage synergies. Analyze a change initiative early to scope effort and verify plausibility.
Coordinate your changes
Catalog the enterprise architecture and its interdependencies to reduce risk and plan change. Identify dependencies to keep business running smoothly.
Inform change decisions
Get a single view into strategy and operations by integrating source information and real-time performance data from any third-party product. 
Meet our enterprise architecture management product
As the drive for digital transformation pushes IT to master new technologies, collaborate on the digital business strategy, and recommend strategic investment, do it confidently with Alfabet for enterprise architecture management.
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IT landscape grown hard to understand? Alfabet FastLane software as a service is a great way to quickly start managing your IT portfolio. Our engagement team can help you get started with a 30-day free trial.

Streamline IT for digital success
Make an immediate impact with enterprise architecture management. You can streamline IT by defining technology standards, rationalizing technology assets and identifying technology innovations. Get digital products and services to the business faster than ever before with Alfabet enterprise architecture management.

                    Make sound decisions on IT transformation

Assure you have a fluid flow of accurate, current and complete data on your IT landscape. Align the technology architecture with business objectives and processes and understand the ripple effects of change decisions. Ensure critical business processes remain intact and running on top of your IT transformation activities.

                     Visualize business-driven IT change

Articulate how IT can drive business strategy and actively support business success. Use more than 1,000 reports delivered out of the box or design your own as lifecycle graphs, geo-maps, business charts and more showing relationships, ranking and KPIs. Carefully calibrate enterprise architecture change across the organization using sophisticated roadmapping techniques.

                    Innovate using the latest technologies

Optimize the technology portfolio and ensure it is leveraged for best business results and in step with new technologies. Establish a systematic process for collecting innovative business ideas. Assess their support for business strategy, and vet them against the technology architecture to understand the effort involved in pursuing them.

                    Find funding for new projects

Streamline IT for digital success by identifying technologies that are unused or redundant. Uncover inefficiencies in IT support, spot inappropriate SLA levels and find candidates for outsourcing. Use enterprise architecture insights to reduce costs for licenses, operations, support and application integration, freeing up financial resources for innovation.

                    Improve IT governance

Define and enforce standard enterprise architecture processes and components for projects. Ensure IT standards are being used in projects and keep technology proliferation under control. Categorize technologies as to their relevance for supporting business strategy and evaluate them as to their value to the company.
See how Alfabet customers are aligning business and IT goals—and saving money in the process
The Nucleus Research Guidebook explores Software AG's Alfabet solution, showcasing its ability to optimize enterprise architecture and drive digital transformation. Alfabet empowers better IT portfolio management, informed decision-making, and alignment of technology investments with business goals.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
Vodafone Germany
Alfabet helps Vodafone Germany undertake IT transformation projects and stay on top of data governance by providing a single source of information.
Alfabet helps NHS SLaM scale and provide better mental health services to over 1.3 million people in the UK.

NTT Ltd. brought together assets from 31 companies to become a unified global leader using Alfabet.
Featured use cases for Enterprise Architecture

A defined enterprise architecture is a good foundation for IT planning and management, but the real proof of an EA practice is how well it uses the insights it presides over to support business initiatives, realize business benefits and drive business innovation. An enterprise architecture solution combined with IT portfolio management and strategic planning capabilities—as with Alfabet’s unique offering—makes for a powerhouse of things you can do to make digital business transformation faster, predictable, sustainable, and cost-efficient.

Only a broad range of tool capabilities can turn your enterprise architecture solution into a core facilitator for IT in:

  • Insights and optimization
  • Strategy and planning
  • Delivery and execution
  • Control and governance

Enterprise architecture is the foundation for your initiatives on:

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Enterprise architecture management
Use the right tool to make IT fast and agile—a transformation enabler.
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IT landscape grown hard to understand? Alfabet FastLane is a great way to quickly start managing your IT portfolio. Get started with a free 30-day trial.
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Are you ready to make IT faster and more agile?
Accelerate digital transformation with an enterprise architecture solution that helps you laser-focus your investments.