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The world of supply chain management never stops advancing—and neither should supply chain professionals or their organizations. Wrapping the world, supply chains both enable and inspire human and economic possibility. However, to reach their potential they require savvy operators, supervisors and leaders with the necessary knowledge and know-how.

APICS fills this gap. We’re known for our ability to develop supply chain talent and elevate  end-to-end supply chain performance. Nobody does this better than we do. From education and certification to benchmarking and best practices, APICS sets the industry standard.

We are essential partners in transforming the way people do business, drive growth, and reach global customers.It’s complex and it’s simple. We develop people, people improve supply chains, supply chains improve companies and the whole world economy benefits. Together with our members, partners and customers, we are united in our commitment to global supply chain excellence, innovation and resilience—achieved one person and one supply chain at a time.  

SCOR BPM Accelerator Powered by ARIS

Design, manage and measure global supply chains

Your supply chain. Smarter. Faster. Better.

Boost the power of the world’s leading supply chain framework, SCOR. Execute against best practice process management so your global supply chain organization can implement faster, manage more and measure better.

 Your supply chain

Features and Benefits

Optimize global supply chains with industry-leading expertise and an award-winning business process analysis platform Increase supply chain flexibility to enable more agile reactions to changing conditions, business models and customer requirements.
Improve performance and process quality Improve the performance of your supply chain by analyzing and simulating processes to remove bottlenecks as well as identify and remove waste and duplication. Also improve process and IT quality through better definition of processes, avoidance of system breaks and better process communication.
Analyze and optimize
Analyze your supply chain business processes and their dependencies with the SCOR framework in mind.
  • Analyze supply chain processes and their dependencies in the light of the SCOR framework
  • Report process information and evaluate process KPIs to drive process optimization
  • Simulate processes to identify bottlenecks, gaps and process improvement areas within the supply chain
Faster implementation Reduce the time to design and implement new supply chain processes by building on existing best-practice processes from the SCOR model.
Document and design
Document and design your supply chain strategy, processes and architectures to increase the speed of system implementations.
  • Document supply chain processes and dependencies—between organizations, processes, data and IT applications
  • Design internal supply chain processes while taking customer needs and expectations into account
  • Align corporate strategy with supply chain processes and IT architecture
Collaborate and govern
Simulate processes to identify bottlenecks, gaps and process enhancements to improve supply chain performance.
  • Share all process information and related documents through a companywide portal to facilitate organization learning goals
  • Collaborate on process assets and collect improvements from all stakeholders via a role-based process portal
  • Govern and manage supply chain processes to support continuous process improvement
  • Design internal business processes while taking organizational learning goals into consideration



APICS and developer partner Visual Enterprise Architecture

APICS SCOR framework sets the standard for supply chain excellence and enables organizations to address the ever changing challenges of a global supply chain. Software AG's ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform provides a mechanism through which you can measure, manage and make improvements to supply chain performance using the SCOR framework. This exclusive collaboration between APICS, Visual Enterprise Architecture and Software AG is demonstrated here.

Fact Sheet Fact Sheet: SCOR BPM Accelerator Powered by ARIS

SCOR 12.0 Update in SCOR BPM Accelerator Powered by ARIS


Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)

SCOR BPM Screenshot 1


SCOR Reference Model is Delivered with a 3 level Process Framework Linking Processes, Performance Metrics, Practices and Skills. See SCOR Level 1 Framework.

SCOR BPM Screenshot 2


SCOR Level 3 Framework

SCOR BPM Screenshot 3


SCOR Process Flow

SCOR BPM Screenshot 4


SCOR Process Configuration

SCOR BPM Screenshot 5


Performance Metrics Describe Process Performance and Define Strategic Goals

SCOR BPM Screenshot 6


Practices Produce Significantly Better Process Performance

SCOR BPM Screenshot 7


People Skills Required to Perform Supply Chain Processes are Defined

SCOR BPM Screenshot 8


Processes Descriptions of Stages and Relationships Include Inputs and Outputs

SCOR BPM Screenshot 9


ARIS SCOR Process Manual Report - SCOR Framework Processes

SCOR BPM Screenshot 10


ARIS Matrix Models Detailing the Relationships of the SCOR Processes with Practices, Performance Metrics, Skills, and Inputs & Outputs

SCOR BPM Screenshot 11

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