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Software AG offers “Industry 4.easy” at CEBIT 2018

Darmstadt, Germany, Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Anyone who has only encountered the IoT in theory until now will have the opportunity at the 2018 CEBIT Festival to build their own IoT within just a few minutes and try it out in practice. As a market leader in IoT technology, Software AG will be offering short workshops in Hanover from June 11-15, 2018, in which attendees experience how easy it is to enter the IoT era. After that they can visit eight interactive showcases at Stand C44 in Hall 17 to learn about the innovative applications that are possible with the IoT—from smart devices in smart homes to the networked factory of the future.

The IoT is no longer just a vision of the future: It has become a tangible reality in every industry. Software AG has accordingly adopted the motto “Experience Everything” for this year’s CEBIT and is presenting its broad IoT portfolio in a variety of demos that will actively involve tradeshow attendees. The “Industry 4.easy” workshop is at the heart of Software AG’s presence at CEBIT, where visitors can build their own IoT with the help of small devices. It will be held daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Software AG stand. Other showcases will offer a wide variety of hands-on opportunities to participate. In one showcase highlighting Logistics 4.0, for example, visitors receive an internal order and have to operate a Lego crane with an iPad to select the ordered goods in a warehouse and ship them. Adventurers who want to dive deeper into the digital world can cross a slackline over an iceberg in Greenland—with virtual reality, of course.

Showcase 1: SMART ENERGY—smart grids
Smart grids require energy providers to know at all times how much power they are currently producing and will produce in the future. Cumulocity IoT, the IoT platform from Software AG, can coordinate the production, distribution and storage of power. Using a smart grid, the companies respond to supply and demand in real time and manage their production facilities accordingly—and they can do it remotely. The Smart Energy showcase provides a model for supplying an entire city with smart energy. Visitors experience how Cumulocity IoT minimizes fluctuations and malfunctions in the grid and supports power producers in offering their customers the right mix of renewable and fossil energy. Attendees can join in and control a smart grid comprised of a wind farm, a gas power plant and solar farm.

Showcase 2: SMART CITY—smart garbage cans and networked streetlights
Smart City makes cities more efficient, progressive and socially inclusive. Visitors can experience the benefits that citizens enjoy when cities decided to take a fast, open and secure digital approach. The demo shows how waste disposal can be improved in the IoT age—with smart sensors in garbage cans and a mobile portal for the service, or when the system sends a warning when a streetlamp burns out and needs to be replaced. All the information is available in real time. This showcase gives visitors and participants an insight into the communal services that are possible for a smart city in this day and age.

Showcase 3: SMART CITY—parking management systems
The battle for a parking space has come to an end—Cumulocity IoT from Software AG brings together navigation maps and data about parking options. This enables drivers to find a parking space in the city center quickly and easily—and reserve it, too. The location information is immediately transmitted to the car’s navigation system, which will guide the driver to their reserved parking space. The showcase demonstrates how predictive analytics and condition monitoring systems can support parking providers in ensuring that every parking space is used as soon as it is available. There is a great deal of technology in this smart parking management system: Thanks to Cumulocity IoT, webMethods, ARIS and Apama, the frustrating search for a parking spot is finally over.

Software AG experts are also available at many other showcases to answer questions, and anyone interested can sign up for a personal meeting on location. In addition, tradeshow visitors can register for various guided tours at the Software AG stand. With the “Experience Everything Tour,” they learn about the digital possibilities for companies that the IoT can provide. The “Digital Business Platform Tour” shows how companies can use Software AG’s Digital Business Platform for their own digital transformation. The Software AG stand is also a stop on the official CEBIT Guided Tours.

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Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) helps companies with their digital transformation. With Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, companies can better interact with their customers and bring them on new ‘digital’ journeys, promote unique value propositions, and create new business opportunities. In the Internet of Things (IoT) market, Software AG enables enterprises to integrate, connect and manage IoT components as well as analyze data and predict future events based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Digital Business Platform is built on decades of uncompromising software development, IT experience and technological leadership. Software AG has more than 4,500 employees, is active in 70 countries and had revenues of €879 million in 2017. 

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