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Dashboard overview with ARIS Aware


… for fact-based decisions

The information you need to make the best decisions changes and grows every day. That’s why you need situation-based interactive dashboards that show the latest KPIs. With ARIS Aware, you can monitor and analyze relevant KPIs quickly on a dashboard. Create individual dashboards that tell the whole story by giving a complete overview of KPIs. Or, view KPIs next to related processes. Visualize data in context and determine if real KPIs match planned values so you can see where to make improvements.

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ARIS Aware data sources


… to all information in one place

Combine all business-relevant data from different sources for deeper analysis. Easily create dashboards to gain a deeper understanding of your business at every level. Assign dashboards to ARIS content stored in the ARIS repository, and add external and operational business data to keep all relevant process information in one place. Make the best decisions based on reliable data analytics. With a direct link to the process landscape, you can drill down to underlying processes to identify and eliminate what’s causing problems.

See ARIS Aware in action
Side-by-sideview in ARIS Aware


… for every stakeholder

Make it easy for your stakeholders to make the right decision. Give them easy-to-interpret dashboards so they get the right information at the right time. By understanding KPIs as they happen in live business processes, stakeholders will be able to make objective decisions to improve processes.

Even nontechnical people can create dashboards using ARIS Aware. They can evaluate processes without any programming knowledge. Just imagine how much better your processes will be when anyone in your company can identify what makes processes more effective and discover and reuse process best practices.

Out-of-the box dashboard in ARIS Aware


… get you started fast

Why wait to make processes more efficient? With ARIS Aware, you can start immediately with ready-to-go templates. Leverage predefined dashboards right away for a variety of use cases, such as:

  • Evaluating usage statistics
  • Analyzing customer satisfaction
  • Managing your enterprise architecture
  • Process mining
  • Internet of Things
  • Strategy
  • Center of Excellence
Adapt these dashboards to your individual business needs at any time. ARIS Aware capabilities


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