Transforming Banking:

What are the trends shaping IT
solutions for the banking industry?


It’s been a decade since the financial crisis, but you still live the pain. Cost-cutting, compliance with tight new regulations and new digital-first competitors have changed the market–and ratcheted up the pace of innovation. The industry has never faced such radical change and monumental challenges.

Using digital transformation in banking is one method for institutions aggressively catch up and reinvent themselves to grow, compete and win. With customer expectations being set by experiences beyond financial services, banks are accelerating their digitalization and putting the spotlight on critical digital business demands, including:

  • Transparency across the entire IT infrastructure
  • Automation of end-to-end business processes
  • Insight through analytics across the business
  • Acting on insights to improve the customer experience
  • Agility in delivering new innovative services

How do you know where to start and how can you accelerate your digital transformation? Overcome obstacles around modernization and become strategically positioned for the future with help from the banking services at Software AG. Our open, independent software leverages your existing systems and readies you for what’s next. Use software as a competitive advantage to help align IT and the needs of the business, optimize automated processes and business logic, leverage data for real-time decision-making and action, and transform into a cost-effective, agile digital bank.



Cognizant Intraday Liquidity Monitoring



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