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One of our major goals is to strengthen the software industry in Germany. We are a member of many industry networks, for example the Software Cluster, and help shape the commercial and policy landscape through these efforts. From modernizing the education system to supporting young IT startups to securing future-proof jobs, we are using the scientific and economic strengths of our industry to maintain our innovative capabilities as an IT hub.

The Details of our Commitment

Learn more about Software AG's initiatives, memberships and funding projects here:

Big Data Value Association

The Big Data Value Association is a fully self-financed nonprofit organization under Belgian law. The Association’s objective is to promote research, development and innovation in big data in Europe. Software AG is one of the founding members. Website


Bitkom is Germany’s IT Industry Association. Founded in Berlin in 1999 as a merger of individual industry associations, Bitkom represents more than 2,500 companies in the digital economy. Software AG is also a member. Bitkom acts as a spokesperson for its members and in particular champions innovative economic policy, modernizing the education system and establishing a future-oriented internet policy. Website

Digital Summit

The Digital Summit (formerly the National IT Summit) and its year-round process form the central platform for collaboration for shaping the digital transition among government, business, academia and society. Website

Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

The Gesellschaft für Informatik e. V. (GI) is a nonprofit professional organization that promotes computer science in Germany. GI members share the view of informatics as a dynamic and pioneering discipline that they help shape and develop. Software AG supports the GI as a corporate member. Website (in German)

House of IT

The Rhine-Main region is one of Europe’s thriving hubs for information and communication technologies. Representatives from science, business and politics created the House of IT to strengthen the ICT sector. The House of IT focuses primarily on promoting sustainable innovation, offering excellent education programs and supporting startups with the ultimate goal of fostering growth of the region’s ICT sector. Software AG has held premium membership in the House of IT since March 2011. Website

Initiative D21

The focal point of Initiative D21 is innovative, non-profit activities in business and politics to accelerate the transformation to an information and knowledge society in Germany. Initiative D21 aims to stimulate growth and secure future-proof jobs through better education, training and innovative capability. Software AG is a member and supporter of the activities of Initiative D21. Website (in German)


IT FOR WORK is an association for small and midsized companies in the IT industry in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region. IT FOR WORK brings IT expertise to one table, actively links it and offers the perfect foundation for successful business relationships. Software AG is a member of the IT FOR WORK business network. Website

The Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI)

NESSI, the Networked Software and Services Initiative, is the European Technology Platform for this new Digital Information Society and Economy powered by software and services and data. Software AG is a partner in this initiative. Website

Industry 4.0 Platform

The framework conditions for structural change due to Industry 4.0 need to be designed to enable German industry to emerge stronger from the transition. The Industry 4.0 Platform aims to draft recommendations for action and demonstrate based on use cases how the digitalization of industrial manufacturing can be successfully implemented in a practical way. Software AG is represented in the Industry 4.0 Platform. Website

Smart Data Innovation Lab

The Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) offers big data researchers a unique opportunity to deploy a broad palette of big data and in-memory technologies. Industry and academia worked together closely to find hidden value in the data and generate smart data from it. Software AG is a core partner in the SDIL. Website

Software Campus

Business, academia and government launched the Software Campus together to promote the development potential of rising talent and educate a new generation of managers with excellent IT backgrounds. Software Campus combines scientific leading-edge research with hands-on management practice into an entirely new and innovative concept.  Software AG is a member and founding partner of the Software Campus. Website


The Software Cluster in southwestern Germany is Europe’s “Silicon Valley for enterprise software.” Since 2007, the Cluster has been increasingly coordinated through a common strategy and structure to maintain and improve competitiveness. Website

Current Research Projects

Software AG participated in collaborative research projects with universities, research institutes and other companies as part of national and European research programs in fiscal 2017. The following is a summary of current research projects:


The goal of sd-kama is to create an information platform that enables efficient and effective disaster management. In a crisis, emergency managers and responders should receive an up-to-date overview of the situation as well as a forecast for further developments. Based on this information, they can take local circumstances into account, review plausibilities and prioritize decisions. sd-kama is being used as a prototype for flood control, but can be used as a generic solution for risk analysis (insurance industry) or emergency response (safety authorities). Software AG is responsible for developing and building the data and information platform as the technical core of sd-kama.


SynErgie promotes cost-efficient transition to renewable energy sources. Its goal is to synchronize the electricity requirements of energy-intensive sectors, such as steel and aluminum production or the auto industry, through flexible adaptation of their production processes to the dramatically fluctuating supply of renewable energy, thereby stabilizing the power grid. With the help of modern ICT approaches, a highly dynamic management platform has been created to regulate the distribution of energy between industrial processes based on the fluctuating supply of energy. Software AG is developing a platform to identify and utilize areas of additional flexibility in manufacturing companies.

System Innovation for Sustainable development (S:NE)

S:NE aims to transition the Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences’ transfer activities into a learning system in several phases. To support this transfer process, Software AG is providing expertise and technologies in the area of “Sustainable Consumption and Production Methods.” The goal is to explore the potential that modern ICT opens up for sustainable consumption and production methods, for example with leather chemicals. This enables comprehensive transparency along the entire value chain—combined with IoT solutions—to provide evidence of banned pollutants or undesired contamination.
CEBIT 2017 SPACE4.0 200

CeBIT 2017

Brigitte Zypries launched the startup competition on the topic "Space 4.0—From Space to Business" on the stage of Software AG’s stand at CeBIT in Hanover. The competition was jointly initiated by Software AG and FabSpace 2.0.
Digital Gipfel 2017 200

Digital Summit

Software AG is an active participant in the annual Digital Summit. This year's summit took place on June 12-13, 2017 in Ludwigshafen and concentrated on the theme E-Health.
Gruppenbild 9.2.17 Kickoff SWC.200

The Software Campus

The Software Campus was established in 2011 at the IT Summit for Politics, Research and Business as a medium to train IT professionals of the future and counteract the shortage of IT managers in Germany.


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