A festive retrospective: Our top 2023 resources for data leaders
From the business value of data engineers to building your foundation for scalable AI, deck your halls with the most popular StreamSets content from the last year.
A Festive Retrospective: Our Top 2023 Resources for Data Leaders

The holiday season and  end of year finds many data leaders under immense pressure to deliver real-time insights and accurate forecasts to the business. However, increasingly complex and fragmented data environments threaten to be this year’s data integration Grinch.

Between siloed systems, brittle pipelines, and disconnected tools, many enterprises struggle to harness the true power of their data. The result? Bad analytics, poor decisions, and coal in the stockings of expectant executives.

But with a smart data integration strategy, there is a way forward. In this post, let’s unwrap the top data integration content to help you and your data team going into the new year.  

1. The data integration advantage: Building a foundation for scalable AI

72% of technology executives say that should their companies fail to achieve their AI goals, data issues are more likely than not to be the reason.

CIO Vision 2025: Bridging the Gap Between BI and AI, MIT Technology Review Insights

AI promises remarkable new insights but requires vast quantities of quality data. This whitepaper explores why effective data integration is a prerequisite for AI success and scalability. It details how modern data integration platforms help organizations overcome pervasive challenges like data silos, governance, data quality, and model monitoring.

If expanding enterprise AI is on your resolution list, give this whitepaper a read. It lays out the data integration advantage powering today’s most ambitious AI initiatives.

2. The business value of data engineering

Only 28% of business data consumers say data engineers play a critical role in their analytics and decision-making.

Data engineers are critical for building pipelines and enabling advanced analytics, but many feel their potential isn’t fully tapped. This original StreamSets research analyzes survey data from over 500 data engineers and 759 business data consumers to uncover collaboration gaps limiting impact.

The findings showcase how tighter alignment between data engineers and business objectives leads to better data solutions and improved business value. Take these insights back to your own data team to maximize their strategic value.

4. Lifting the lid on the hidden data integration problem

69% of data leaders are frustrated that non-data experts think you can click a button and data magically appears.

This in-depth research report highlights the growing gap between business demands for data and what IT can realistically deliver. With data pipeline breaks occurring at least weekly in over a third of enterprises, the findings expose the crippling impact data chaos has on digital transformation efforts.

Thankfully, the report also provides recommendations on building smarter, more resilient pipelines and empowering business users through self-service. Consider this research the blueprint for the data infrastructure on every leader’s wish list.

5. Five challenges limiting the impact of transformative analytics

78% of organizations say a single platform that can handle the complexity of data spanning across cloud and on-premises worlds would be a huge benefit.

Encompassing techniques like predictive analytics and machine learning, transformative analytics promises to revolutionize enterprises. Yet few succeed in scaling beyond small, isolated deployments. This ebook analyzes why and introduces five all-too-common data challenges holding transformative initiatives back.

Thankfully, the right data infrastructure serves as transformative analytics’ secret weapon. Use the recommendations here to move projects from theoretical to transformational.

Cheers to a data-filled year

72% of technology executives say that should their companies fail to achieve their AI goals, data issues are more likely than not to be the reason.

As we journey through the holiday season and into the new year, we encourage data leaders to dream big. Your team can achieve unprecedented analytics velocity, scale, and business impact with the right data integration infrastructure as your foundation. Don’t settle for coal—you have the power to transform your enterprise through data.

Reach out today to learn how StreamSets can fuel your analytical ambitions all year long.


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