GITEX 2021

                Dubai World Trade Center
Hall 6, Booth C1
October 17-21, 2021
GITEX Technology Week

                    Empowering the truly connected enterprise

The shift to digital is in hyperdrive, and there's no stopping it. The opportunities it creates are being seized by future-ready businesses—the truly connected enterprises able to change their world and ours.

Find out how Software AG can help you to become a truly connected enterprise. 

                Our exhibition at GITEX 2021

                Experience the truly connected world 

Explore the potential of a truly connected world in an immersive 360-degree video and sensory experience. See how our 50-year journey has unlocked the potential of truly connected and digitally transformed enterprises across the world - including UAE. Dream of what's possible in this exclusive video experience when you integrate everything, connect all your systems, jumpstart your IoT, understand your IT and map your business processes. 

                The future Disruptors Award 2021 

Ambitious university students showcased innovative IoT solutions around Smart Parking, Smart Social Distancing and Virtual Room Assistance. The winner will be announced soon.

                Succeed with the right partners in your region

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Whether you're looking for a partner to help grow your business or find a local partner to advise, implement or build your solution, you're in the right place. 

Thanks to our GITEX sponsors:

                Our showcase and experience part

                    Take IoT for a spin

Hop on our smart bike to experience how different body postures impact your overall cycling speed & which posture is the best for you. This gamified showcase combines our Cumulocity IoT with Edge AI. Get your name on the leader board and get your FREE cycling kit!

                    Explore a truly connected world

Software AG has been the innovative, independent force that has guided some of the world’s best brands along their journey to becoming truly connected. Our solutions can either work side-by-side with existing infrastructure—or replace it. Implement a digital strategy to innovate and differentiate—empowered by our technology. Find out how we’ll take you to the next level! 

                    See what's possible in a truly connected world

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