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                Developer Track

Developer Track

Find out how Software AG is empowering the developer community. Get the latest news on our open source projects, trainings, tutorials, certifications and much more. Join our experts in technical deep dive sessions.

                    A NEW Approach to Learning... Software AG's Learner's Journey

Speaker: Cynthia Stegall, Sr. Director—Product Enablement Strategy, Software AG

Abstract: Get to know the all-new Software AG Learner’s Journey - a self-paced, on-demand approach to training. Explore the four learning stages and find the training that’s right for you, based on where you are in your journey.  You will also learn how to make yourself more marketable through Software AG’s new Digital Badging opportunities. 

                    What`s new for developers?

Speaker: Mirza Salihagic—Director of Developer Marketing, Software AG

Abstract: Your success is our success! Supporting you as developers to achieve your goals faster is one of our primary objectives. That is why we improved the user experience and supported you with new content and resources—tutorials, sample code, SDKs, UI widgets, and much more. From a relaunched tech community to a new Software AG open-source website -- learn what is new for developers in 2021 and see how it can help you accelerate your projects.

                    Your next level of security on IBM Z®: Adabas Encryption for z/OS

Speaker: Luciano Pimenta—Global A&N Customer Success Architect, Software AG

Abstract: For decades, mainframe applications and Adabas have been used to store and manage the most important, high-value data. The ability to secure and protect this sensitive data against leaks and unauthorized access is a must. Now you can encrypt Adabas data without changing your existing applications and leverage the latest security innovations of z/OS. Join this session and discover the capabilities of the new Adabas Encryption for z/OS product. 

                    Protect data on-prem or in the cloud with Adabas Encryption for Linux

Speaker: Luciano Pimenta - Global A&N Customer Success Architect, Software AG

Abstract: Cybersecurity is a top priority on every CIO's agenda alongside growing regulatory demands. Since sensitive data stored in databases are preferred targets for cybercriminals, you need to protect your data wherever it resides. Adabas Encryption for Linux is the solution to secure and encrypt Adabas on-premises and in the cloud with proven, industry-standard encryption technologies. Watch this session and learn how Adabas Encryption for Linux can benefit your organization. 

                    Thrive in a hybrid world with the CONNX data integration solution

Speakers: Harpal Gill—Vice President, Global Alliances CONNX, Software AG and Bill Luton—Director R&D, CONNX, Software AG

Abstract: Demand for data from your on-premises enterprise system to support new cloud applications and intelligence tools is unrelenting. Are you keeping up? Discover how fast and easy it is to integrate your Adabas data with the cloud using CONNX to visualize data, move data in batch to data lakes, and adopt new cloud apps to keep your systems up to date.

                    Incorporate DevOps into your Green Screen environments

Speaker: Gadi Benedek, Product Manager, Software AG

Abstract: Improve your development cycle by exposing green screens as APIs and automatically generate them as unit tests. Build up your automated testing capability to reach the mainframe and capture that knowledge by recording the whole application test, including screen navigation and input and output parameters. Then connect them with your DevOps build and test processes and allow this information to be reused with every new build as part of your DevOps toolchain.

                    Adabas Auditing for z/OS

Speakers: Eric Wood, Principal Systems Engineer, Software AG Government Solutions and Juergen Lind, Senior Director A&N Product Management, Software AG
Abstract: With the growing number of cyberattacks and security breaches, organizations can’t keep security up to date with the most current technologies.  That is only just a part of the battle. Learn how Adabas Auditing for z/OS is a powerful, secure, easy-to-use web-based tool that helps your organization stay fully compliant with ever-growing regulations. Maintain full visibility into your database activity while enhancing cybersecurity efforts by detecting unauthorized access.

                    The Professional Services Open Source Initiative & New Cumulocity Python API

Speaker: Christoph Souris—Principal Consultant, GCC IoT Strategy, Software AG

Abstract: Get an introduction to the Open Source Initiative of Software AG Professional Services, which is gaining momentum in 2021. Have a look at its principles, its processes, and how the Software AG developer community can actively participate. We will also look in detail at the Cumulocity Python API library, which aims to provide an easy-to-use standard API to the Cumulocity platform for application developers. Watch a hands-on tutorial on using the library to develop client applications better—and faster. 

                    Cumulocity ❤ cli : Bringing c8y to the console (go-c8y-cli)

Speaker: Reuben Miller—Principal Consultant, Delivery DACH IoT, Software AG

Abstract: Postman is great but it has its limits. It leads to users copying and pasting IDs everywhere, and it does not play nicely with other tools. The goal of the project is to be the go-to tool when interacting with Cumulocity in your day-to-day to enable workflows such as data exploration/investigations, rapid prototyping, management of applications (CI/CD), user management, and data admin tasks.

                    Technology Demonstration: Getting started with, the open edge framework for lightweight IoT devices

Speakers: Sebastian Büttner—Product Owner, Cumulocity IoT Edge R&D, Software AG and Andrej Schreiner—Product Manager, Cumulocity IoT Edge, Software AG
Abstract: Industrial equipment manufacturers are all facing the same challenges when creating connected products. Secure yet easy to manage, remaining robust for 10 years plus, and balancing features vs cost, is the first open-source and cloud-agnostic edge framework designed for resource-constrained IoT edge devices. It offers simple, secure, and reliable cloud connectivity to a range of cloud platforms. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can practically implement to connect your device IoT app to Cumulocity IoT and Azure IoT Hub. Make your IoT device cloud ready whilst retaining your freedom of choice of IoT platform, app programming language, and hardware.

                    Technology Manager Overview: Cloud enabled IoT devices made simple with open source

Speaker: Stefan Vaillant – Chief Architect, Software AG
Abstract:  Industrial equipment manufacturers are all facing the same challenges when creating connected products. Secure yet easy to manage, remaining robust for 10 years plus, and balancing features vs cost, is the first open-source and cloud-agnostic edge framework designed for resource-constrained IoT edge devices. It offers simple, secure, and reliable cloud connectivity to a range of cloud platforms. In this session, you will hear how reduces the dependency on cloud and hardware vendors, reduces the complexity of embedded development, and future-proofs technology investments.

                    Build your Cumulocity Apps in minutes with Application Builder

Speaker: Darpankumar LalaniPrincipal Consultant, Software AG
Abstract: Find out from Darpankumar Lalani how you can build your Cumulocity Apps in minutes with the application builder. Rebrand your apps, simulate your devices using DTDL (Digital Twins Definition Language), install runtime widgets, and much more without writing a single line of code. We will explore how to create a new app from scratch, apply custom branding, creating new groups, devices and device simulations based on DTDL and various features of dashboards.

                    API-led Event Driven Architecture

Speakers: Prabavathy Arumugam—Lead Dev Evangelist Engineer, Software AG and Przemek Kulik—Vice President, Product Management, Software AG

Abstract: Digitalization has caused huge disruptions in supply chain management. Logistics companies are focusing on real-time information to provide value to customers and to improve efficiencies in the supply chain. As a result, having end-to-end supply chain visibility is more important than ever, and EDI transactions are often used as the document standard. APIs with event-driven architecture can empower traditional EDI for real-time data exchange. In this session, we will demonstrate a use case where event-driven API improves supply chain visibility and efficiency.

                    Open API Spec: The best way to document APIs

Speakers: Arul Pragasam Rajendran—Senior Lead Engineer, API Portal, Software AG and Meric Aydonat —Senior Product Manager - API, Software AG

Abstract: API documentation is the bridge that connects the world of API providers with app developers. Poor API documentation often leads to poor usage of your APIs. A good API with great documentation beats a great API with poor documentation. Let’s dive deep into the important aspects of building this bridge stronger and usable. The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) defines a standard to describe capabilities offered by RESTful APIs without needing access to source code. In this session, we will explore various key parts of the OpenAPI specification and how you can leverage it for documenting your APIs.

                    Using Integration to facilitate self-service APIs

Speakers: Bharath Meka—Engineering Specialist, Software AG and Vikash Sharma—Developer Community Evangelist, Software AG

Abstract: In this session, we will show how easily we can connect to SaaS applications using connectors in order to build a self-service portal for customers. We will focus on how third-party application exposed APIs can be integrated with custom REST connectors. We will also use node.js action for implementing the complex integration logic. By exposing these integrations as REST APIs, we will provide the foundation for a self-service portal ensuring a seamless customer experience.

                    Containers & Orchestration with webMethods—from development to production

Speaker: Angel Tcholtchev—Senior Product Manager, Integration & API, Software AG

Abstract: The session will provide an overview of how the webMethods world fits in the containers and the orchestration technologies. It will provide information on how development, deployment, and operation are performed and which open source components play a role in this brave new world.

                    Implementing and deploying webMethods Microservice with DevOps

Speaker: Dave Pemberton - Director, Product Management, Integration, Software AG

Abstract: This session will provide a hands-on perspective of developing and deploying a microservice in webMethods, utilizing DevOps approaches to fully automate delivery and updates of the microservice through containerization into a highly available Kubernetes-based production environment with zero downtime!


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