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                Product Innovations

Product Innovations

Like every year, there are new innovations across all our product lines. From AppMesh microservices innovation to process mining and thin edge solutions, there’s something for all of our user groups.

                    Product and Roadmap News for Adabas & Natural

Speaker: Guido Falkenberg, Senior Vice President, Adabas & Natural Product Management, Software AG

Abstract: Learn about new Adabas & Natural products and roadmap updates to continuously innovate with Software AG’s Adabas & Natural 2050+ initiative. New products for Adabas data encryption and database auditing will be introduced. Information about new product features for Adabas & Natural on IBM Z mainframe and for Linux & Cloud will be shared.

                    Adabas & Natural on Cloud

Speaker: Zvonimir Ivanetic, Senior A&N Customer Success Architect, Software AG

Abstract: As part of their cloud strategy, customers have started shifting workload to the cloud and modernizing their core applications toward modern cloud native architectures, leveraging containers, Kubernetes and microservices. Information will be shared on how Adabas & Natural can be part of this journey.

                    Modernize Adabas & Natural for Hybrid Cloud

Speaker: Guido Falkenberg, Senior Vice President Adabas & Natural Product Management, Software AG
Abstract: Cloud hyperscalers are providing numerous cloud services (e.g., data analytics & artificial intelligence, APIs, web & mobile apps) that are being leveraged by enterprises and organizations to develop new apps and innovative solutions. In this session, you will learn how on-premises Adabas & Natural applications can be modernized and functionally enriched with cloud services (e.g. Azure, AWS) using API enablement and data integration.

                    Alfabet product innovation 

Finding customer value in state-of-the-art technology
Speakers: Ulrich Kalex—SVP Alfabet PLM and R&D, and Ali Rizvi—Director of PLM for Alfabet FastLane
Abstract: Hear the strategic themes guiding Alfabet product development and their incarnation in product features in Alfabet and Alfabet FastLane. Listen to Dr. Ulrich Kalex, SVP Alfabet PLM and R&D, and Ali Rizvi, Director of PLM for Alfabet FastLane, who discuss how the use cases -- IT portfolio optimization, strategic decision making, stakeholder involvement and product performance -- and their benefits and business outcomes are carefully weighed into development decisions.

                    Emerging Trends in Business Process Management

Speaker: Dr. Helge Hess—Senior Vice President, Software AG
Abstract: The pace of disruptions in the global economy is accelerating. In many industries, the rules of the game change in a short period of time, and past success does not automatically guarantee success in the years to come. In this presentation, we highlight how new developments in business process management are playing a key role in innovative business models and superior operational excellence. We look at the trends that will play an important role in the coming years and that you should consider in your transformation and operational excellence roadmap.

                    ARIS Strategy & Roadmap

Speaker: Dr. Dominik Vanderhaeghen—Head of ARIS Product Management, Software AG
Abstract: The ARIS product family enables companies to transform for the better: Transforming to “one way ofworking” - whilst implementing operational excellence —is a major driver we have in mind when developing new releases for ARIS. In this presentation, we will give an overview on the product strategy for ARIS and an outlook on new features and innovations planned for upcoming releases.

                    Democratizing IoT for a Connected Enterprise

Speakers: Juergen Kraemer – General Manager, IoT & Analytics and Manish Devgan – SVP Products, IoT & Analytics
Abstract: In this session, Juergen Kraemer and Manish Devgan will provide a glimpse into how our customers are breaking silos and transforming their business by creating new business opportunities in products & services using IoT solutions. The session will cover the value drivers accelerating such transformations and connect them to an IoT & Analytics platform's differentiating capabilities.

                    Democratizing IoT – What makes us unique

Speakers: Andrej Schreiner—Product Manager, Cumulocity IoT Edge, Nick Van-Damme—Director Products, TrendMiner and Georgi Donev—Product Manager, Cumulocity IoT Integration
Abstract: This session explores how our mission to democratize IoT drives us to create products that offer means to build scalable IoT solutions with fast time-to-delivery. We will also cover new capabilities in the areas of edge-to-cloud continuum, industrial analytics, and hybrid integration. In addition to the recent highlights, you will also see demos and get a sneak peek into some new and upcoming capabilities.

                    Democratizing Industrial Analytics 

Empowering Subject Matter Experts with self-service advanced analytics
Speaker: Nick Van-Damme—Director Products, TrendMiner
Abstract: This session explores how our mission to democratize industrial analytics drives us to create self-service products that empower subject matter experts to do more with data themselves without the need for data scientists in all cases. Nick will also cover new capabilities in contextual analytics and how to improve the collaboration between subject matter experts and data scientists when dealing with big hairy analytics topics. You will see various small demos of these new capabilities and a sneak peek into upcoming capabilities.

                    webMethods Update & 2021 Roadmap

Speaker: Subhash Ramachandran—SVP, Product Management, Software AG
Abstract: webMethods 10.7 just went GA and is the release that helps unlock innovation for businesses looking to achieve digital transformation faster. It represents important enhancements to & webMethods products in integration, API management, B2B, MFT and microservices. Get an overview of the release and see a detailed roadmap for this fall.


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