Our people & culture

                At Software AG, we bring together the right team, with the right vision, to connect people and technology for a smarter tomorrow. 

Our culture

Our culture is the glue that holds us together as a global family, focused on delivering on our promise. It is built on a foundation that narrows our focus, and a vision that gives us direction. 

                Our foundation


We put people first: employees, customers and partners. We build strong teams and cultivate relationships that last. 


We love what we do. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to make our customers successful today and tomorrow. 


We take pride in our technologies. We provide incomparable products, solutions, services, and technical excellence for our customers. 

                Our values


  • We create an inclusive environment built on trust and empowerment.
  • We strive to work as one team across functions and regions.
  • We connect, listen and treat each other with respect. 


  • We are open and honest and Deliver on our commitments. 
  • We have an end-to-end ownership mindset. 
  • We make mindful decisions. 


  • We deliver innovative solutions that serve our customers and our organization.
  • We nourish a culture of continuous improvement and high quality. 
  • We are curious and eager to learn. 

                Our commitment to diversity

Being diverse, equitable and inclusive transforms our individual differences into a collective strength, while also making Software AG a better place to work for everyone. We are committed to creating a work environment that gives everyone a chance to realize their potential. 


Promote awareness of diversity and of the benefits for each individual and for Software AG of having a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.   


Enhance the competence and confidence of our people at all levels of the organization to understand and harness the power of a richly diverse and genuinely inclusive workforce and culture. 


Provide inclusive systems, processes and environments, minimizing bias to provide a level playing field for all employees to co-develop and contribute their unique perspectives and capabilities. 


Listen to and support managers and employees to ensure that in all our teams and workplaces people feel connected, valued, and able to bring their authentic selves to work and to be successful.   

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