Elevating AWS ProServe with Adabas & Natural: A Path to Cloud Success

Neil Baille, Senior Consultant at AWS ProServ, reveals how they empower Adabas & Natural customers on their cloud journey and unlock the full potential of mission-critical applications. Discover the advantages of leveraging containers for enhanced portability and gain insights into crucial factors to consider when migrating to the cloud. Learn why keeping your Adabas & Natural applications on AWS promises long-term stability and a future-proof solution.

We are here to help you make the most out of our mission-critical applications.

Video Transcript

Neil Baille, Senior Consultant, AWS ProServ: So given that Software AG supports Natural and Adabas running on open systems and Linux, at AWS we have a number of compute platforms that allow us to run those applications in the cloud. From EC2 which are elastic cloud compute, which are an instant based compute platform to container offerings like Amazon EKS, which is our AWS managed container platform.
Neile Baille: Where containers fit in is if you’re looking to abstract the runtime of your application to make it more portable. And this frees up a number of options of compute platform that you can run the containers upon and you can select based on your requirements of scale, operating model and performance.
Neile Baille: Currently with Software AG, AWS ProServ are helping our customer in the UK overcome challenges that they’re facing around design and architecture and implementation of cloud migration. This includes how are they going to move their data? How is the application going to run in the cloud? How is it going to be available and scalable? But also other questions like what will the developer experience look like and how will they interact with the application and how will they deliver services to end users?
Neile Baille: When shifting to the cloud, there’s some benefit in retaining Adabas & Natural. Fundamentally, you’re able to retain the same staff, the same experience, the same understanding of the data and application and simply run it in a different location. So owners of Adabas & Natural applications can be sure that moving to AWS is a proven path and something that’s going to give their application stability and a future into 2050 and beyond.
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