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Enzen is a global knowledge enterprise specializing in the energy and water industries. Its mission is to make these two life essentials of energy and water more affordable, accessible and sustainable to all through digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization. Combining experience of real-world practical application with high value delivery and end-to-end solutions for its clients, Enzen offers global thinking and local strategy that deliver the best outcomes and help leave a cleaner planet for future generations.


  • Centralize data and knowledge repository
  • Design and share global best practices with customers
  • Enhance value of existing intellectual property
  • Optimize speed and quality of solutions delivered to clients
  • Expand its global advisory business


  • Improving the quality and consistency of business architecture delivered to clients
  • 2X faster design and documentation of all elements of the business architecture
  • Hitting internal growth targets for advisory practice
  • Enhancing clients’ efficiency and environmental performance


ARIS Advanced running on AWS to centralize its data and knowledge repository, while delivering global reach and helping their clients accelerate business transformation.

                    “Our knowledge of industry best practices is a core part of our intellectual property. ARIS helps us create and export business models with greater speed and consistency, which is valuable to our clients.”

— Harsha Anand, Chief Evangelist, Enzen Group

                Business models to deliver water and energy to the world

Enzen is on a mission to make energy and water accessible, affordable and sustainable to all. Its clients, who operate in highly regulated sectors, face strict compliance and risk standards. Yet they are also expected to deliver more services for lower costs, with greater efficiency.

Enzen’s advisory services help companies meet these demands by improving their business model across six dimensions: Process, Data, Digital, Operations, KPIs and Capability.

“In working with clients, we saw that many needed to improve their business models by focusing on processes, data, digital architecture, KPI structure, and people capabilities,” said Harsha Anand, Chief Evangelist of the Enzen Group. “We have consolidated all the best practices for the water and energy sectors into a knowledge repository, and we needed a platform best suited to modify and share these business models.”

This knowledge of end-to-end processes, and the ability to share the business model with clients, is Enzen’s competitive advantage. As a result, the company faced two challenges to enhance and grow its business. First, it needed to build a consistent, centralized repository for its own intellectual property and business model framework. Second, it needed a way to share these business models easily and seamlessly so clients could accelerate the transformation of their business.

Enzen chose ARIS to document and share its business models with clients. And though the journey is ongoing, Enzen and its clients are already seeing the benefits.

A global solution

Enzen’s previous approaches to sharing business models had constrained its ability to serve clients. It tried combining multiple platforms and types of repositories, but portability constraints took more time and effort. Some solutions depended on local hosting, which fell short of Enzen’s need to serve a global market. And portability was a major challenge: Enzen did not want to spend the time and resources to manually export processes in the BPMN 2.0 format that its clients expected.

“Many of our clients are ARIS users themselves, and needed process charts in BPMN 2.0 format. The processes represented their entire business model, so we couldn’t afford errors in export. We had previously worked with a product that couldn’t do this. ARIS greatly reduces the manual workload and delays in exporting models to clients, which helps us justify investment in the platform.”

After migrating its processes to ARIS, Enzen saw major gains in how efficiently its advisory teams could design new processes for clients. “We had been quite familiar with ARIS because our clients have been using it for some time, so fortunately we didn’t need much help getting up and running,” said Anand. “Everybody is happy using the tool, and it’s made us more effective in optimizing a range of business processes.”

Not only is the process of exporting end-to-end processes far faster, but the quality has improved greatly as well. Fewer errors and interoperability issues lead to happier clients.

To take one example, Enzen recently helped a water company in the United Kingdom transform its business processes for greater efficiency and cost control. Enzen came to the table with its IP: ready-made templates in ARIS for best practices, and the ability to update that blueprint to the individual client’s need. But with ARIS, it could operate far faster.

“We have a ready-made template for the best practices of our clients’ business: operating models, processes, digital architecture, data models, KPI tree, capability models for the organization and others,” said Anand. “To adapt the design and build the complete transformation roadmap can normally take 8 or 9 months. With ARIS, we were able to do it in just 4 months. That’s the level of acceleration that you can get. We’re saving time, and saving costs, and delivering a solution ready for the client to implement.”

Foundation for global growth

Armed with the power to easily create, store, update and share best practices with clients, Enzen is now looking at opportunities to power international growth. It’s exploring new solutions to optimize clients’ business, and looking at new sectors including Smart Cities and Infrastructure where its expertise can be applied.

And ARIS is supporting Enzen’s goals of improving the sustainability of water and energy firms. “Sustainability is a very important focus for us,” said Anand. “If you look at the IP we have built for clients, like carbon foot-printing and carbon accounting, these are vitally important for our water and electricity companies, and others in the energy sector. The processes we’ve built on ARIS, our solution, has our customers looking at sustainability in a big way.”

Community engagement is also top of mind for Enzen’s customers. “We have a KPI tree, and in addition to sustainability goals, many of our utility clients value community participation. Input from community stakeholders is a key part of how regulators view the performance of these utilities. So our reference model processes built in ARIS place a high value on the KPIs that matter to our clients.”

With a centralized repository of best practices, its advisory teams around the world are armed with the tools they need to help make water and energy more accessible, affordable and sustainable for all.

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