Streamlining process management with ARIS

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The PHOENIX group is a leading integrated healthcare provider in Europe. The group employs more than 39,000 employees that ensures medicines and healthcare products reach millions of people in 27 countries. With 2,800 pharmacies in 14 countries, and 161 distribution centers, the company has 155 million customer contacts in pharmacies every year—and over €28.2 billion in revenue.


  • Different distribution rules
  • Paper-based process documentation
  • Complex regulation and compliance


  • Streamlined process documentation and management
  • Gained insight into process-application dependencies
  • Replaced manual process documentation
  • Increased application acceptance with 500% more logins within one quarter
  • Reduced role-reuse errors
  • Implemented user-friendly dashboards


  • ARIS Business Design & Strategy
  • ARIS Rollout & Change Management

                    “With ARIS, we’re able to gain instant visibility and manage our complex process workflows so that we are compliant, quick, and secure.”

– Veronika Ellermann | BPM Method and Tools Specialist, PHOENIX group

                Reaping the rewards of the digital enterprise

Process management is no small task for the PHOENIX group. The leading integrated healthcare company in Europe operates in 27 markets and has to comply with national as well as European regulations. Additionally, the pharmaceutical companies it works with have specific requirements for the handling of their products.

“For a long time, we managed our processes using Word documents and other flat files,” says Veronika Ellermann, BPM Method and Tools Specialist, PHOENIX. “But we realized we needed to take the next step. We needed a smarter way to manage our processes, link them to our applications and access the benefits of digital enterprises.”

That is why in 2018, PHOENIX chose Software AG and ARIS to enable digitalization.

Though the journey is ongoing, PHOENIX is already reaping the rewards. Clean, easy-to-understand dashboards make understanding processes a breeze, so there’s never any problem applying the right rules to the right countries. Training and materials needed to onboard new employees specifically for ARIS are delivered online to exactly the right person when needed so that speed is never lost. And bridging processes to applications using ARIS means fewer errors, better agility, and new possibilities to close the gap between risk and process management.

One true source for all markets

“The PHOENIX group works in a heavily controlled and regulated environment with strict compliance and risk standards that can vary from country to country,” says Ellermann. “With ARIS, we’re able to gain instant visibility and manage our complex process workflows so that we are compliant, quick, and secure.”

Across Europe, the GDP (“good distribution practice”) regulations govern how pharmaceuticals are stored, monitored, secured, tracked and more during the distribution process. For multinationals like PHOENIX, differing national regulations necessitate processes to comply with umbrella regulations while also being able to handle regional and national differences.

ARIS supports this.

Whether for monitoring temperatures of medicines, or any other GDP requirements, ARIS flags all processes relevant to a requirement. This means PHOENIX can optimize its workflows, avoid costly duplication of processes or roles (common problems with manual documentation) and can even provide internal or external auditors with customized lists of relevant processes in just a few clicks.

And with logical, easy-to-understand, customizable dashboards built in, PHOENIX has a solution its newest employees to the system can use daily.

Rapid uptake, countless possibilities

Implementing any single system across large organizations with multiple national subsidiaries is always complex. But employees at PHOENIX have seen the power of ARIS firsthand.

“It’s astounding how quickly our logins to ARIS went from around 300 at the end of 2020, to nearly 1,500 the very next quarter,” says Ellermann. “New releases can be implemented seamlessly so that users without much technical background can manage the updates easily”.

But it’s not just the technology at the heart of this project that is a success. PHOENIX appreciates the service level of Software AG. “Support has been fantastic, with awesome lead times,” says Ellermann, “And it’s pretty amazing that the first response to our requests usually arrives in less than an hour—and often already has the solution.”

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