Phoenix Pharma: Transparency into processes and risks  

As a leading pharmaceutical distributor in Europe, Phoenix Pharmahandel needs to operate with reliability. In this video, Veronika Ellermann, BPM Method and Tools Specialist at PHOENIX Pharmahandel, describes how the ARIS BPM solution helps the company master process mapping, manage risks and train new staff. With an easy-to-use interface and the ability to reuse objects, ARIS enables the company to map its processes to standards, norms and risks. 

What problem did ARIS help solve?

 ARIS helps us to solve many different problems. So for instance, when we map our processes we gain a whole lot of transparency like in the things that we do and how we do them. It helps us to provide good training to our employees and also we have the opportunity to map our processes to standards, norms and also to risks. 

Where and how is ARIS used at Phoenix? 

ARIS is key to Phoenix’s success because it’s really user friendly and with the connect Portal you can easily search, you can easily find the things that you’re looking for. Even for someone who is not very familiar with the tool, you can actually easily navigate and adapt to the tool, and that is something that helps us a lot. 

What are the benefits of using ARIS? 

So, the key benefits of using ARIS are related to the user friendliness. So you can easily find the things that you’re looking for in ARIS, it provides a really good repository for all objects that you create in ARIS be it a process in itself, be it a risk, be it whatever you want to model in ARIS and because you can reuse all of these objects you actually gain transparency in your company. So that is something that is really beneficial. 

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