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Peter-Paul-Cahensly School is an independent vocational school that focuses on business. As a part-time trade school, it’s an important partner in the dual-training system for companies in the region. Since 2010, the industrial business management and office management training programs have been teaching the visualization and optimization of business processes with the help of Software AG's ARIS.

                Benefits for teachers

  • Cloud-based teaching packet for the market-leading ARIS software
  • Practice-oriented and free of charge
  • Easy installation, very user-friendly
  • Specially designed teaching material with tasks and solutions
  • Modern teaching, strengthens real-world applicability

                Benefits for students

  • Comprehensive practical knowledge about business process modeling with ARIS
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Free ARIS certificate
  • Innovative practical preparation for their career

"Using ARIS in our teaching helps our school integrate theory and practice—and enables us to offer our students the best possible preparation for their professional careers."

– Hans-Peter Reiß, Senior teacher at Peter-Paul-Cahensly School

                Getting off to a flying start at Peter-Paul-Cahensly School

As a partner of retail and industrial companies in the dual-training system, Peter-Paul-Cahensly School in Limburg a. d. Lahn knows how important integrating theory and practice is. Since 2010, the school has relied on ARIS for Schools to best prepare its students for the technological challenges awaiting them in the working world—first as an on-premise solution and now in the cloud. The innovative software enables fast and effective lesson design for teaching business process modeling, visualization and optimization of business processes.

The design and optimization of business processes is a key success factor for many companies: from the optimization of ordering processes in fast food restaurants to paying at the register in retail stores, all the way to entire value chain processes in industrial businesses. These days, process flow diagrams are no longer drawn by hand: They’re modeled digitally.

                    ARIS for Schools—free for vocational schools in Germany

ARIS for Schools is Software AG’s free offering for German vocational schools that provides a customized teaching packet for the subject of business and office processes. As of 2020, schools have been able to use ARIS in the cloud, avoiding server and licensing costs.

For Peter-Paul-Cahensly School, the cloud solution came at just the right time. Even though schools were forced to close or have students learn from home due to COVID-19, their students were able to practice process modeling at home, thanks to Software AG's cloud solution.

"ARIS for Schools in the cloud is even easier now, especially because the software no longer needs to be installed," says Hans-Peter Reiß of Peter-Paul-Cahensly School. "I send my students an email invitation and we can get started—on a PC at school or a laptop at home." 

Innovative lesson design has never been easier

Software AG’s free package includes classroom licenses for the fully functional basic version of ARIS Basic for up to 35 users, as well as comprehensive educational support materials, including the textbook “Crashkurs Prozessmodellierung mit ARIS Basic” (English: Crash Course in Process Modeling with ARIS Basic) by Knut Harms, with videos, teaching materials and teacher training.

Reiß has already been teaching with the software for over ten years. “Designing lesson plans with the classroom licenses is fast and effective," the educator said. "We can dive into the content without spending a lot of time and effort.“

The software gives students a comprehensive overview of the different process model types and how they're used, such as the event-driven process chain (EPC), value chain model (VCM), organizational diagram, flowchart, business process model and notation (BPMN) and function tree.

The students find ARIS to be extremely user friendly. When they need help, teachers and their classes have access to a special forum where they can ask questions about the subject at any time and have them answered quickly by Software AG experts.

Modern teaching at vocational schools in Germany

Starting in early 2021, students are now able to receive an official ARIS certificate after successfully passing a test. The first group from Peter-Paul-Cahensly School has already benefited from this opportunity and is excited about having an important additional qualification for starting out their careers as young professionals.

Vocational schools are strengthening their real-world applicability and positioning themselves as innovative educators. Many companies use this state-of-the-art software. Being able to present expertise in this area adds value for applicants and can be advantageous for them.


”I personally had a lot of fun working with ARIS Basic. The program not only delivers theoretical knowledge, it gives a lot of practical insights, too. The software always worked reliably and ensured our class time was used efficiently."

– A graduate's conclusion

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