Process Excellence with ARIS: Hear from Our Customers

Discover how ARIS is transforming businesses through visualizing processes, structuring IT operations, and accelerating decision-making. ARIS is the key to unlocking efficiency, saving money, and driving profitability. Watch the video to learn how ARIS can help you streamline your processes and thrive in today's ever-evolving landscape.

Video transcript

Kastin Deal, Hitachi Rail: For the initial value with Software AG, ARIS has really helped us visualize our processes. Before, we had sometimes up to 20-30 page documents of our process, but putting that in one comprehensive view of systems, process, applications and our organization, it really helped us to be visual with our processes.

Meindert Kalma, Advania Norge: Our goals have always been being a structured IT company. And you know, the IT world is going everywhere. We are seeing IoT. We are seeing all the new services that are coming into the market. So the objective has been how to structure this, how to make it understandable for our customers. So now we use ARIS, we try to structure our processes so that we can relay this confidence in technology to our customers. It seems to work – we are making money.

Frank Decker, Michael Weinig: The most important factor is that we have systematic methodologies available to analyze, understand, and improve our processes. We have the platform to connect technical and organizational points of views. For instance, we could use best practices to discuss and give impressions of processes to our process owners. It starts nice discussions about processes. Together with the process mining, we get technical views out of IT systems. That is a perfect way to build up our own process platform and use many discussions in the wrong directions. In its end, it saves money.

Ahmed, Dubai Health Authority: We wanted to evolve and improve our BPM through a system that would help us govern our structure and have a solid capability that manages our process.

Meindert Kalma: But I think the most of the profit comes from people having to come and tell you how does my process work? And then if you ask the right questions, you gain a lot of process just from asking, from what I call the process of process mapping. That in and of itself gives you a lot of answers and “Aha, that’s how it works. We might adjust it a bit. So we found a lot of leaks and a lot of wrong things going on and yes, it has given already a return on investment so far.

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