ARIS Process Mining Enterprise

                Gain maximum potential out of process mining

process mining power

Obtain the complete ARIS Process Mining capability stack with functionality designed to align with enterprise-wide process management and value. With full configurability and integration excellence, you will be able to not only discover new process variations, but to also design them and even communicate those visualizations to valued stakeholders. Utilize simulations as well to eliminate bottlenecks, governing your workflow throughout the entire process lifecycle.

Why you’ll love
ARIS Process Mining Enterprise

                Analyze, visualize, decide

Visualize via dashboard with features that pinpoint your goals accurately. Leverage your repository and query feature, sharing KPI analyses with all dashboards.

                Unlimited scalability

Scale and grow efficient process automations and conformance with flexible role-based access, social collaboration and more focused management dashboards.

                Govern processes end-to-end

Establish enterprise-wide policy and complete conformance across all governance workflows with increasingly complex processes for multiple divisions and groups.

                Increased simulation complexity

Eliminate any kind of bottleneck regardless of scale or scope, controlling the entire process life cycle, all in one integrated platform.

                Expanded system configurations

Benefit from increased integration, capturing more of your entire process landscape. Track complete compliance and user adoption through multiple process changes.

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"Seamless integration with ease of managing changes and relevant workflows."
“Ease of use and feasibility of the relevant workflows and its dependencies”
"Best tool for process mining"
“It is very user friendly, you don't have to roam across multiple things you will get what you want at your place. Easy to use. The best part is it is smooth.”
"ARIS process mining helps to find bottlenecks & improve the efficiency of processes."
“Makes process more efficient, find opportunities to increase throughput using process mapping”
"Best tool to Analyse and improve processes"
“Ease of integration, analysis, flexibility”
"Indepth Process analysis resulting in identification of improvement areas & automation opportunities"
“Process Discovery – View of actual Process on-ground (Process Flow for different variants)”

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