Perfect your procure-to-pay with process mining

                Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your procurement process with process mining

                Truly understand your procure-to-pay process 

The procure-to-pay process may not be as simple as it seems. With each step, there is an opportunity for optimization that can make your procurement more efficient and more seamless. However, to uncover the steps in the process that can be improved requires a helping hand from technology.
Process mining offers a way to analyze each step in the procure-to-pay process at scale and in real time so that you can edit or optimize your workflow to get from request to fulfilment as efficiently as possible. Find those happy paths for truly "touchless" orders.
How can process mining help your procure-to-pay processes?

                It can maximize touchless orders

Find the processes that constantly require manual intervention as a result of pricing or contract issues. Then reroute to a path that circumvents them according to the process mining model.

                It can optimize supplier performance

Not all suppliers are created equal. Process mining will help you identify the suppliers that are underperforming in terms of consistency, timeline and quality, so you can address the issue or find another supplier.   

                It can reduce "maverick buying"

A compliant purchase-to-order process is a happy one. However, not all purchases are completely compliant — whether intentional or not. Easily identify the repeat offenders and find ways to streamline the processes to reduce the need for "maverick buying" in your organization.

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                Your advantages

  • Touchless purchases from request to fulfilment
  • Work with lower cost, higher quality suppliers
  • Less employee frustration with procurement process
  • Lower regulatory and financial risk
  • Save time and money on purchases

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