Service mesh architecture

                Use webMethods AppMesh to manage microservices as applications

                Bring order to the microservices chaos

We live in an agile world, and microservices are the blocks it is built on. But without the right tools to manage these microservices, “agility” becomes “chaos.” webMethods AppMesh is the chaos-killer—a platform built to bring application context to your microservices.

                        Cleaning up the mesh

Microservices are fueling the shift towards truly agile business. But they can be a mess to manage without dynamic visibility and control at the application level. That’s where AppMesh shines for your service mesh architecture.

                Why you’ll love 
webMethods AppMesh

                Know your users

Get deep visibility into how microservices are being used in your app—which are being used, how they are running, who’s using them, and what exactly they are doing.

                Configure it

Add new services and capabilities into your app without changing a line of code. Even better, you can share services through a service mesh architecture regardless of the underlying technology.

                Control traffic

Be your own traffic cop. Throttle traffic to manage the load on provider services and log all requests on your terms—on a client-by-client basis—and analyze the results.

                As easy as APIs

Bring your microservices into a unified control plane and manage them like you do your APIs. In fact, you can manage them alongside your APIs from the same UI.

                Play it safe

Go agile without being reckless. Launch advanced user identification and security policies using web-friendly authentication and to protect sensitive user PII data.

                All mesh, no mess

Out of the box, plug into industry-standard service meshes. Start with network-level management and layer in application context by injecting AppMesh.

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