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The webMethods Suite is now a bit sweeter. With the launch of webMethods 10.15, you can more easily automate everything using integration, APIs and microservices. These updates help make webMethods the single unified platform that caters to the needs of the modern enterprise - for you, for your partners and (most importantly) your customers.

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                Unified API Marketplace

A new hub for APIs, including those deployed in 3rd party gateways, the Unified API Marketplace in webMethods Developer Portal enables you to create a rich ecosystem for APIs to be shared and promoted. It comes with a fully functional UI, but you can also create your own – it’s your choice. Build and grow a true API marketplace with interactive communities that collaborate on all API-related assets throughout the API lifecycle.

                Embedded Workflow Editor

A special integration product that can be embedded in an application, Embed empowers you to create custom integrations directly in your applications, extending the reach of your products in both functionality and business value.

                360 Degree Trading Partner View

In day-to-day B2B operations, knowing what is going on with your trading partners is crucial. The 360 Degree Trading Partner View delivers one total view into all objects related to a trading partner, so you can quickly see all communication channels, transactions, queues and processing rules. Easily navigate the tool with a simple web-based graphic interface, making it an essential feature for full visibility across your partner transactions.

                webMethods Container Registry

webMethods container registry is a new way of delivering our products. It automates software deployments in private clouds and simplifies the work of IT, creating a predictable automated CI/CD pipeline with minimal room for manual error. Faster release cycles for patches and easier installation ensure higher quality solutions, and products that are already delivered in containerized form save effort and cost for IT.

                What else is new?

  • Developer Center – An easy-to-access centralized collection of all the resources, training, and tools needed by developers.
  • Free Forever! - products now have tenants available free, forever.
  • API security integration – Tested and validated integration with our partner, Noname Security, for discovering unmanaged APIs, identifying and blocking complex API attacks, and understanding data exposure to protect sensitive data.

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