Meet webMethods 10.11

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                The same webMethods, now with so much more

The webMethods Suite is now a bit sweeter. With the launch of webMethods 10.11, you can more easily automate everything using integration, APIs and microservices. These updates help make webMethods the single unified platform that caters to the needs of the modern enterprise - for you, for your partners and (most importantly) your customers.

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                webMethods DataHub

webMethods DataHub captures valuable data flowing through webMethods Integration Server and makes it available in a data lake. Once there, business analysts and data scientists can use their preferred BI tool to mine for business-changing insights. 

                Developer Portal

What was once webmethods API Portal is now webMethods Developer Portal. This lightweight portal is designed to handle everything: APIs, microservices, events, integrations. It is a headless design with that can be embedded into branded websites and extended with custom assets and recipes. It comes OOTB with dashboards, customizations and API tryout function. 

                Cloud-based MFT
     MFT is a new cloud-based solution for transferring files, regardless of protocol in a secure, encrypted and governed platform. It provides acceleration and streaming capabilities and can be triggered by arrival or scheduled events, all tightly integrated with the analyst-approved iPaaS. 

                Connector Ecosystem 

With our new Connector Development Program, ISVs, OEM partners, resellers and customers can partner with Software AG through a Technology Partnership Program. They can build, test, certify and publish connectors to - and have them appear in the Connector Marketplace.

                What else is new?

  • Async APIs in API Gateway 
  • GraphQL support in API Gateway 
  • API monetization 
  • Containerization to simplify DevOps 
  • Improved security/standards 
  • B2B cloud migration with an easy 5 step process
  • Improved B2B features to enhance ease of use 
  • Multiple Integration improvements
  • New Connectors to essential applications

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