Make the most of real-time data insights with streaming analytics

                Turn continuous data into meaningful real-time metrics

Analyze and act on insights from big data in motion. Detect opportunities and make timely, informed decisions. Automate immediate actions, and dynamically adapt to changes. 

With Apama, you can filter, aggregate, enrich and analyze big and fast data from many different live data sources, in any data format, to identify simple and complex patterns. Built on an in-memory architecture, Software AG's Apama is ideal for IoT use cases, algo-trading, high-frequency currency trading, fraud detection, logistics tracking and alerting. 

The streaming analytics capabilities of the Cumulocity IoT platform are built with Apama. Optionally, you can purchase Apama as a standalone platform.

                How Apama works

Apama processes streaming data in real time with ultrafast response times, referencing historic information as necessary, to identify patterns that have happened or are about to happen. With Apama, your business can respond to events immediately and automate intelligent actions.

                Why you'll love Apama

                Analyze & act on insights in real time

Detect changes in circumstances, discern the impact of those changes and respond quickly with Apama. A sophisticated event processing infrastructure scales easily for rapid analysis of large volumes of streaming events. Thousands of individual event processing monitors are supported simultaneously.

                Design & develop sophisticated analytics

Design continuous real-time analytics scenarios. Visualize KPIs and drill down into results. Capture and replay event streams for root-cause analysis of conditions, test new application scenarios and simulate “what-if" events. Tooling is available for both business analysts and developers.

                Connect to streaming & static data

Connect to sources or stream event data with low latency, high throughput. Cache static data for fast, in-memory access and event enrichment. Integrate with different event streams and apps using a robust integration framework and ready-to-go adapters.

                Analyze patterns & take action

Aggregate data, do temporal analysis, filter and correlate. Trigger low-latency actions automatically. Extract the maximum value from big data in motion or high-velocity event data. Create repeatable, self-learning processes that adjust dynamically over time. 

                Rely on a proven platform

Hundreds of enterprises depend on Apama, including Carnival Cruise Lines and Danske Bank. Schwering & Hasse, who makes enough magnetized copper wire each year to stretch beyond Venus, uses Apama to monitor dozens of quality factors in real time and process them against relevant production data.

                Support a wide range of uses

Real-time operational visualization, dynamic product pricing, fraud detection and prevention, IoT data analysis, customer promotion triggering, location-based asset optimization, electronic trading and e-commerce, continuous risk and compliance monitoring ... Apama supports them all.
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"Apama helps us stay on top of thousands of quality related events per second, enabling rapid responses to potential problems.”

- CIO, Schwering & Hasse

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