IoT at the edge

                Build a stand-alone solution tailored for edge connectivity

                Be at the edge—not on it

Looking for a quick win in improving machine utilization? Demonstrate
instant value by seeing and acting on machine data. Make the simplicity of
Cumulocity IoT your edge. Streamline the flow of data from equipment and
analyze it locally in real time for automated operations.

                Automate local decision making

Run analytics in real time closer to the data source to enable automated real-time decisions at the edge.

                Optimize performance

Operate local machines at peak performance. Manage factory-floor processes when a site is offline or has limited cloud connectivity.

                Maximize machine uptime

Leverage continual data streams about your on-site equipment and use machine learning techniques to improve maintenance and quality.

                Simplify IoT with an edge leader

Cumulocity IoT “saves industrial enterprises significant time and money in the deployment of IoT solutions,” says MachNation, who rated us a leader among 16 vendors.

                    Connect with minimal effort

Securely connect and manage industrial machines using predominant fieldbus protocols like Modbus, CAN bus, PROFIBUS and OPC-UA. No software development required. Save time with a self-service approach using integrated streaming analytics, preconfigured smart rules and Cloud Fieldbus.

                    Reusable, repeatable architecture

Seamlessly move workloads and applications from cloud to edge and vice versa, thanks to a distributed IoT architecture. Simplify development and use the same APIs, data and analytics models on edge and cloud.

                    Control at the source

Gain autonomous control and run sophisticated analytics on high-volume data close to the data source. Monitor status, collect historical data, log changes and record the alarms from your equipment. Enjoy a fully featured user interface for local visualizations and microservice support for local OT system integration. Forward filtered and pre-processed data to the cloud to reduce load, cloud costs and overcome network limitations, such as bandwidth or latency.

                    Run a stand-alone edge solution

Only with Cumulocity IoT can you run a fully featured IoT solution in a stand-alone, edge-only environment. Act faster and make decisions on information locally.

                Simplify IoT with an edge leader

Edge computing and analytics are stress-free with Software AG—that’s confirmed by MachNation’s 2020 IoT Edge Scorecard.

                See, decide & act with Software AG

Build an IoT solution in 90 days or faster