IoT edge computing

                Make Cumulocity IoT your edge

                Be at the edge—not on it

Why do you need an IoT edge platform for your industrial assets? When you have sensors and devices in places with limited connectivity, produce too much data to send to the cloud cost-effectively, or need millisecond response times from analytics, edge solutions are the answer. Take the “edge off” with the Cumulocity IoT edge platform for low-code/no-code management of industrial edge assets. Build it once, deploy it anywhere. Whether you choose thick edge or thin edge, we help you combine edge computing with cloud and bring your IoT architecture to the next level, enabling you to succeed in your IoT projects.

Here's what you can do with an edge computing platform and Cumulocity IoT:  

                Deliver ultra-fast analytics

With IoT edge analytics, process data close to the source for faster results that trigger an immediate response.​

                Deploy IoT in new places

Use IoT edge computing when there’s limited network connectivity and you need to process data from many devices.​

                Cut infrastructure costs

Not all data needs to go to the cloud. Processing data locally can reduce bandwidth costs while boosting IoT security.

                    Push the boundaries with thin edge

Learn how IoT at the edge brings new opportunities to connect every "thing"—devices, products, machines and other assets—so you can increase uptime, improve response time, save bandwidth and reduce costs.


                Simplify IoT with an edge computing leader

Software AG is a leading IoT edge vendor with a top score in edge data processing and architecture & usability in MachNation’s in-depth analysis of 12 IoT edge vendors. Read the report. Here’s what you can expect from our IoT edge computing solution:

                    Everything you love in the cloud at the edge

Run your IoT at the edge with all the features of Cumulocity IoT in the cloud. That means you’ll have access to ready-to-use cockpit apps, code-free device management, self-service analytics and machine learning to train your models as well as cost-efficient data storage.

                    Easy to install, easy to manage

No IT expertise required! You can install and configure Cumulocity IoT easily in your local area network. Manage all edge installations centrally. Need to connect to Cumulocity IoT in the cloud? We make it easy to manage a hybrid configuration with both edge and cloud connectivity. 

                    Store only the data you need

Use industry-standard protocols such as MODBUS®, CANbus and OPC UA to connect to devices and sensors. Process and analyze data collected locally and filter it on an edge computing platform, so you only send what you need to the cloud.

                    Thin edge or thick: best of both worlds

You can choose to run thick edge with local compute nodes, or thin edge with resource-constrained edge devices. When you choose our enterprise-grade thin edge, you gain robust device management, high performance on embedded devices, security by design, and out-of-the-box connectivity—get started with just a few steps.​

                    Get 339% ROI from IoT in 3 years

What if you could get these benefits from an IoT platform? 339% ROI and $8.1 million in business benefits in three years and payback in less than one year. A commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study showed these outcomes from the Cumulocity IoT platform

                    Talk to an IoT & analytics expert

Whether you just don't know where to start or you have a specific challenge to overcome, contact our IoT experts today.

                    Unlock new use cases with thin edge

Deliver edge use cases that need to operate within the constraints of a small memory footprint and low compute power. With lightweight and modular solutions, you can accelerate IoT project implementation at the edge through easy, flexible way to connect to an IoT platform.

                    IoT at the Edge: Moving towards an Equipment-as-a-Service business model

Many commercial and industrial product manufacturers see the benefits of IoT-enabled services—and yet transitioning from a business model based on product sales to one focused on EaaS (Equipment-as-a-Service) can be a challenge.

Beecham Research shares unique insights into the significance of IoT edge computing based on expert interviews, user survey data and its analysis of key market trends. Use these findings about the IoT edge continuum to make your transition to an EaaS revenue model far easier and faster.

                    IoT at the edge: Enabling Equipment-as-a-Service business models

Read highlights from Beecham Research’s Report, IoT at the Edge: Enabling the Real Time Enterprise, plus Software AG’s perspective on opportunities for smart equipment makers