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Thriving in a truly connected world

The more connected your business, the closer you are to being able to see, decide, act—and thrive. Take a look at these connected enterprises—our customer heroes—and learn from their transformation successes.

                    PRAB: A pro at connected products

By analyzing data from connected products at customer sites, PRAB knows how to improve product design and the customer experience. Discover how this U.S.-based manufacturer innovates and differentiates using the Cumulocity IoT platform.

                    logicline: Industry 4.0 out of the box

This IT consulting firm integrates machines using Cumulocity IoT to create a connected customer experience and offer customers a distinct advantage. assets360 is logicline’s modular system with proven tools for digitalizing service processes in the machinery and industrial equipment manufacturing industry.

                    SMC: Innovating smart field analytics with IoT

Smart manufacturing IoT analytics comes to life at SMC, which uses Cumulocity IoT to provide an easily scalable solution for predictive maintenance, leakage detection and energy efficiency monitoring.

                    Lanxess: Analytics lead to better processes

Need to optimize your processes? Learn how Lanxess in the chemical industry makes 100+ process improvements with the help of Software AG’s TrendMiner self-service industrial analytics. “We are actively using the software to solve problems and optimize our processes,” CDO Jörg Hellwig said. TrendMiner’s developed from the engineer’s point of view, so the staff likes it. “It’s so easy to use, they want to use it every day,” he said.

                    Telstra: Transforming water management

In drought-prone Australia, Telstra is leveraging Cumulocity IoT to develop a Water Management Solution Accelerator to collect sensor data, create alerts and warn utilities of leaks. The groundbreaking collaboration will establish Telstra as a leader in smart services for utilities.

                    autosen: Delivering a turnkey IIoT solution

The full potential of IIoT in one box: That's the idea behind autosen’s io-key, which offers a fast and uncomplicated path to the cloud. The io-key delivers reliable real-time data analysis and control with innovative functionalities tailored to suit sensor technology. Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform makes that possible.

                    KMC Global: Connecting products with IIoT 

KMC Global has a new revenue stream and offers a value-added capability that makes its customers stronger competitors in a connected world. IIoT is an evolutionary change every manufacturer needs for survival, explained Larry West, KMC Global Sales and Automation Manager. 

                    Deutsche Telekom: “Cloud of Things” IoT

The Deutsche Telekom “Cloud of Things” IoT platform powered by Cumulocity IoT allows enterprises to improve the reliability of globally dispersed equipment rapidly and efficiently, markedly improve product innovation and seamlessly adopt new service-based business models.

                    Gardner Denver: IoT increases performance

Gardner Denver rebrands the Cumulocity IoT platform and redefines relationships with customers and partners. The manufacturer is a prime example of organizations seizing the opportunity to innovate and take advantage of being truly connected. 

                    TRAILAR: Telematics for a greener world

DHL’s next-gen subsidiary TRAILAR innovates a solution to help commercial vehicles save fuel and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. With real-time streaming analytics, TRAILAR can stream the fuel consumption analytics and integrate and present them simply and clearly to the end customer.

                    Lyreco: Supply chain automation with IoT

Lyreco reduces out-of-order and out-of-stock situations using Cumulocity IoT. Improved processes reduce costs. The Internet of Things solution was set up in only two weeks.

                    QTRS: Protecting cargo 
with IoT monitoring

QTRS assures high equipment performance and protects against spoiled cargo by using the Cumulocity IoT platform for real-time monitoring of refrigeration units. Predictive maintenance keeps machines running well even in the hottest weather.

                    STW: Cleaner London air, thanks to IoT

When the City of London wanted to create the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, STW was on the job with its customized and branded Cumulocity IoT platform. The results: better flexibility for London and better air for its residents.

                    Griesser: From traditional to thriving with digital 

Griesser shifts to digital and innovates new customer solutions using IoT device connectivity, API management and data integration across systems—all in the cloud and available by subscription.

                    Bega Cheese: Optimizing  supply chain with IoT


Bega Cheese increases efficiency and improves visibility into the supply chain by using Cumulocity IoT. Real-time temperature and humidity data collected by sensors helps find trends and improve forecasting.

                    CodeWrights: Making plants more productive 

Better safety for employees, better visibility for plant operators, higher efficiency and industry-leading reliability ... these are a few of benefits CodeWrights has experienced by using Cumulocity IoT.

                    Göbecke Bakery: IoT smart social distancing

Christine Göbecke, owner of Göbecke Bakery in Germany, talks about smart social distancing on the Internet of Things. Her company uses Cumulocity IoT and Bluetooth® smart badges to ensure a safe workplace for employees during the pandemic.

                    Using integration to unlock new business models

Acting as a startup within the walls of one of the world’s biggest tech companies isn’t easy. It requires every system to work together without exception. That’s why this IT solutions provider uses webMethods to integrate everything.

                    Public hospital organization: Sharing data and saving lives with APIs

For Hong Kong’s public hospitals, sharing information is a matter of life and death. Data can help doctors make the right decisions, at the right time. But to deliver on this promise, Hong Kong's hospitals need to use APIs. webMethods helps make that happen.

                    Dürr: All in “One” infrastructure integration

The Dürr Group's consistent expansion and digitalization strategy has made it an Industry 4.0 leader. But it has also resulted in IT and integration complexity. Dürr needed to simplify to align with its OneDürrGroup strategy—using webMethods.

                    Carnival Cruise Line: Integrating fun with cruising

To deliver fun experiences for its cruisers, Carnival relies on integrated, reliable connections between many of its backend systems - on land and at sea. It's not always easy, but with webMethods it's smooth sailing.

                    Maccabi: Smarter healthcare during crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Israel's Maccabi Healthcare was ready to handle 80% of medical visits virtually. The secret? Good planning and a focus on modernizing its IT in advance using webMethods Integration.

                    Department of Seine-Maritime: Streamlining finance and HR

The main focus of the Department of Seine-Maritime (76) is on social action. But in order to serve its residents in need, the department needs to coordinate finances and HR for its 5,500+ employees. It chose webMethods to coordinate and manage these business processes.

                    A bigger, better, faster Digital Dubai

Over the past 20 years, Dubai has built a thriving and diversified economy around financial, investment and tourism. Dubai’s leadership recognized that it not only needed to invest in technology, but a government office to lead the effort—Digital Dubai. The new office quickly moved to reduce complexity and streamline backend communication and integration using webMethods. 

                    Truly connecting Digital Dubai

During the shutdown, investment in Dubai didn’t have to shut down. Since the city’s Digital Dubai had digitized the investor experience, they were able to continue moving forward, thanks to integrated services powered by Software AG's

                    BRI: Digitalizing microfinance in Indonesia

Bank Rakyat Indonesia is dedicated to providing loans to families and businesses in Indonesia - no matter how big or small. To do this, it didn't need more branches. It needed to go digital. To make sure all of its systems and data could work together, the bank selected webMethods.

                    Restek: Providing "Plus One" service through integration

Restek sets itself apart by providing a better customer service in the quickly growing chromatography industry. Having its web, sales and CRM systems seamlessly integrated using is key to making this possible.

                    travelbasys: Truly connected tourism—with API management

To handle the bookkeeping for the entire travel industry in Germany requires a lot of coordination. But with an industry scrambling to find new ways of operating based on real-time data, travelbasys had to pivot and rise to the challenge. They turned to API management to make it possible.

                    Foreach Brewing: Freeing up time to focus on their craft

As a craft brewery, you need to be able to focus on beer, not backend processes. Foreach Brewing turned to to integrate its systems and focus on what was really important for their business. Cheers.

                    Rewarding healthy decisions? There's an app for that

This Asian insurance giant wanted to rewards its members for making healthy decisions. They built and app, but to make it work they needed to connect to partners, fitness devices and internal systems. They used webMethods.

                    Software AG: Improving customer satisfaction

We used our own integration platform - - to give our sales and success managers 360-degree visibility into all customer interactions. So now if a customer has a question, it never gets stuck in a silo.

                    Hyundai: Driving up auto sales with integration

To manage its 750 car dealers, Beijing Hyundai Motors needs an easy way to keep track of its customers and auto inventory. The missing piece was an integration platform that could keep all their systems in sync.

                    Colruyt: Unveiling digital projects at speed

Colruyt launched its "mobile readiness" program in 2018, it relied on APIs to expose its data across devices and applications. But in order to do that, they needed to find a worry-free way to manage them.

                    Kiabi: Transforming retail even faster

To keep up in a fast fashion world requires even faster omnichannel solutions. For Kiabi, this was fueled by all-digital processes, seamlessly connected IT systems and partner-friendly APIs. Agility is in this season.

                    CLAL: Building bridges to insurance partners

It has been a bumpy road for insurance companies in recent years. But they have navigated them by being able to find powerful external partners which they connect to seamless through a single, unified integration platform.

                    Stars and Stories: A new level of productivity with ARIS Advanced

When it came time for this quickly growing scale-up to evolve from an agency model to a SaaS model, it knew it needed a new approach to process management to deliver on its SLAs. ARIS was the answer.

                    PPC School: Modern teaching with ARIS

The Peter-Paul-Cahensly School knows how important integrating theory and practice is. That's why the school relies on ARIS to teach students business process modeling, visualization and optimization of business processes - just how they will see it in the real world.

                    PHOENIX group: Streamlining process management with ARIS

Process management is no small task when you operate in 27 highly regulated European markets. To become a digital enterprise, PHOENIX group knew that it couldn't manage processes using Word documents and other flat files. That is why PHOENIX chose ARIS.

                    Homegrown process management for ISO compliance

In 2014, we at Software AG decided to pursue ISO certification for quality management. We needed a simple way to demonstrate to auditors how our target processes unfold in real life. Luckily, the perfect tool was right there at our fingertips: ARIS.

                    Proximus: Digitizing Belgium’s premier telco with process management

Proximus’s journey to digital wasn’t easy. With a lot of IT systems and complex processes in place, success hinged on the ability to centralize, organize and systematize its processes. The Belgian telco chose ARIS.

                    OeKB Group: Managing risk with process excellence

No one understands risk in the Austrian financial market like OeKB. The financial and information services company recently chose ARIS to have a single source to manage risk and compliance as well as its processes. The result? Operational excellence that banks can trust.

                    Alicorp: Consolidating tech by 2025

Alicorp focuses on “Feeding the growth of tomorrow.” But with growth comes growing pains. The consumer goods giant needed to consolidate its technology sprawl, and needed a powerful process management solution to help manage it. They chose ARIS.

                    Şekerbank: Modernizing a rural bank

What started as a rural bank founded by beet farmers in Anatolia, Turkey has grown to serve 72% of the country's rural areas. But in order to compete with larger banks, it needed to modernize and offer digital services. To do this, they needed to transform their processes at the core.

                    Tesco: Becoming agile with process excellence

As the third-largest retailer in the world, it can be hard to pivot as quickly as smaller competitors. However, Tesco found a way by streamlining and clarifying their processes using ARIS.

                    Scaling to the global stage—with ARIS

As this US-based tech company grew its membership into the hundreds of millions, it outsourced key finance activities while staff recruitment kicked into overdrive. But this created a new challenge - limited process visibility. The solution? Mapping and processing processes on a single platform using ARIS.

                    Emirates NBD: Banking on operational excellence

When Emirates NBD began its global expansion, it needed to improve its efficiency, customer experience and regulatory agility. They used ARIS to create a single repository of process knowledge and establish standard operating procedures (SOPs).

                    BANCOR: Process-driven transformation

BANCOR has a rich history of promoting economic development in Argentina. But as the financial world went digital, BANCOR’s processes were stuck in the past - documented in cumbersome paper manuals, with little automation. They turned to ARIS for help.

                    Dubai: Better service visibility, better service delivery

Dubai Municipality needed to updates its services to meet the rising demand of expatriat growth to maintain Dubai’s reputation as a world-class place to live. They turned to a world-class business process management solution to make that happen.

                    BRC: Sorting out processes with ARIS

When BRC needed to keep its processes straight across 8,000 documents, it turned to ARIS. The result is a 50% increase in process efficiency.

                    Suva: Insurance at the forefront of digitalization

Some 1.2 million accidents claims are filed each year, which is no trivial matter when it comes to process management. But it's no accident that Suva chose ARIS as their process partner.

                    Airbus: Taking flight with process excellence

Airbus Defence and Space requires precision in everything they do. This is made possible by continuous process improvement, using ARIS as its business process management system. The company is also achieving greater visibility and insights for its IT landscape evolution and optimization by using Alfabet.

                    U.S. Army: Winning enterprise architecture battles

"This we'll defend" has been a motto of the U.S. Army for more than 200 years, and this will be no exception, taking true ownership of the business system portfolio responsible for their operations -- all through ARIS. Read how they achieved transparency and efficiency throughout.

                    Weifu: Keeping cars running with process automation

As a leading manufacturer of fuel injection pumps for diesel engines, it was no secret that process automation was essential to amplifying production of one of China's most prolific mechanical enterprises. Read how ARIS helped them achieve their goals in process management.

                    Australia Post: Lean, mean mail delivery

There's no doubt postal service has to be lean, so why not operational efficiency, too? That was the goal of the Australia Post, needing the key component in ARIS for faster deployment and improved safety compliance. Read more on how the APC reduced risk and improved safety compliance here.

                    Siemens: Accelerating process management

Acceleration has been the name of the game for global tech powerhouse Siemens as for more than 170 years, they've been at the top of the enginerring excellence game. When ARIS came in to elevate their excellence, though, with everything a top-tier player would need to excel.

                    Ayaydin-Miroglio Group: Fashion forward, process-driven

Hundreds of thousands of women rely on this multinational fashion powerhouse to fill their wardrobe with items they love. But underpinning their panache is process excellence. See how ARIS helped drive the brand's growth with operational efficiency.

                    WWE: Powering efficiency with ARIS

For utilities companies, it isn't easy going green. Germany-based Westfalen Weser Energie is no exception. To evolve to meet environmental, investor and consumer demands, the company has had to pivot quickly and focus on operational efficiency using ARIS.

                    Managed healthcare provider: Translating IT into business outcomes with Alfabet

This managed care provider is in a business where the stakes are high. Every day, more than three million customers count on it to cover their bills in the event of a medical crisis. But its IT architecture was in need of some revamping. Alfabet was the answer.

                    Credit Suisse: Continuously improving IT with Alfabet

In 2008, Credit Suisse established a program to continuously improve its application technology. Key to this evolution was to understand and govern its technical products. They used Alfabet to create a single source of truth, combining three repositories into one.

                    A new era of luxury retail with IT portfolio management

As this purveyor of luxury goods grew into a family of brands, so did its IT complexity. It wanted to have complete visibility (and cost savings) across its product lines - and found a way with Alfabet.

                    Leading European bank: Improving process architecture

Renowned for superior advisement in the European sector of finance, this reputable institution made a name in leveraging strengths in wealth management and investing. The organization took it a step further in employing the use of Alfabet to visualize the application landscape for efficiency, insight, compliance and integration.

                    GDRFAD: Making Dubai the "Happiest City in the World"

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Dubai (GDRFAD) sought to provide the very best services to the public, wanting to see all their KPIs on one single dashboard. See how they leveraged the power of ARIS and Alfabet to make that possible.

                    AAFMAA: Investing wisely in digital transformation

No rip and replace for AAFMAA. See how the association leverages core systems without changing code, reduces operational costs by more than 50% and satisfies a new generation of customers.

                    Israeli Ministry of Labor: Faster help for those in need

In times of crisis, there is a need for speed. Yet the Israeli Minisitry of Labor used mainframe applications and paper forms that were taking up to six months to process. The ministry used EntireX to open up the process to anyone with an Internet connection.

                    TASE: Modernizing a stock exchange

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) needs to compete for Israeli companies to IPO at home instead of going abroad to the biggest, most powerful exchanges in the world. They do so with Adabas & Natural, and NaturalONE.

                    Georgia-Pacific: More than just paper savings

Moving from legacy systems to modern, cloud-based ones doesn't happen overnight. And in the meantime, Georgia-Pacific found a way to get information and reporting out of its legacy infrastructure so business can go on - even in times of change.

                    Fabick Cat: Constructing a data warehouse 

When Fabick Cat acquired a new dealership, they needed to marry two legacy systems to keep business running - IBM AS/400 and OpenVMS. They turned to CONNX to make the connection and to connect its data.

                    Delaware Courts: Unlocking the mainframe

In a state where there are more legal entities than people, the court system needs to constantly streamline. Their verdict? Use the reliable legacy systems they can trust, but find a way to make them accessible through an integration platform.

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