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                Take your IoT solution everywhere

Deliver a great mobile IoT experience

You're never out of touch with your IoT solution when it's built on Cumulocity IoT. Simply use our ready-made mobile app solutions. Make them available to your employees and customers right in your own Apple® and Android® app store. No development work's needed ... no testing, no maintenance. 

Customize the mobile IoT apps with your company's logo, menus, and unique "look and feel." Our team also can create fully branded and localized IoT mobile app solutions tailored to your requirements. Count on dependable performance—we generate the apps from a constantly updated common code base that we verify with the Cumulocity IoT platform.

Choose from four ready-to-go apps

                Mobile phone sensor app

Ideal for training and demos, this app sends readings from sensors built into an Android or Apple phone to your solution built on Cumulocity IoT. You can adjust frequency and thresholds of the sensor readings as needed. Alarms can be triggered manually to demonstrate smart rules and alarm handling.

                Mobile tracker app

This IoT mobile application connects to low-cost, off-the-shelf On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) scanners based on the ELM 327 chipset to capture vehicle telematics directly in Cumulocity IoT. Add a mobile phone’s GPS location. Ideal for tracking vehicle and machinery, fleet management and IoT in transport & logistics.

                Mobile sensor gateway app

This mobile app solution is made for remotely monitoring machinery and goods. The mobile phone connects to a configurable set of Bluetooth® LE devices to create a gateway for custom devices into Cumulocity IoT. Support for the Texas Instruments Sensor Tag® and other devices is built-in. Custom Bluetooth devices can be added upon request.

                Mobile alarm management app 

Monitor your Cumulocity IoT solution from anywhere by viewing device alarms and events on your mobile device. Acknowledge and cancel the alarms as you see fit. Get details like number of alarms, first occurrences, alarm status and alarm recency.

                Make the app yours

Be "appier" by tailoring our ready-to-go mobile apps.

                Free services

  • Custom logos, menus and color layout
  • Localization in your language of choice
  • Support for various Bluetooth devices
  • Deployment to your account in Apple and Android app stores
  • Ability to track usage via Gainsight


Our team can create fully branded and localized IoT mobile apps tailored to your requirements and deploy them to your own Apple and Android app store for free.  In addition, we can develop extra app functionality for you.

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