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By connecting your moving assets, the Internet of Things enables you to run your business like a well-oiled machine. Protect freight, optimize fleet use, deliver services that scale, even improve driver safety—these are just a few things you can achieve using IoT software. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. Make connected transport and logistics simple with Software AG's Cumulocity IoT,  the #1 IoT platform. 

Explore these ways to use IoT in transport and logistics, and imagine what you can do with a solution from Software AG.

                    Smart logistics

Operate at peak efficiency when you know about, and can react to, changing events—like weather, traffic and last-minute customer requests. Analyze real-time streaming data from environmental sensors, traffic feeds and telematics systems. Add predictive analytics to forecast events so you can increase productivity, reduce cost and risk, and satisfy customers.

                    Connected fleet  

Know the real-time location and status of your entire fleet of vehicles. Gain insights into energy consumption, vibration of vehicles, temperature and more. If you can measure it, you can track it on the IoT. Connected vehicles ensure vehicle reliability and optimized route compliance. Reduce downtime and unplanned repairs by using analytics to predict vehicle maintenance requirements.

                    Connected freight

Connected freight protects you from lost or damaged goods. Improve your visibility of hazardous or perishable goods at all times during a shipment. Gain insights into unused capacity. Using real-time monitoring with the IoT, you also can deter cargo theft and prevent possible damage.

                    Connected drivers

Use telematics to assess driver behavior, then award drivers with benefits such as lower pricing for safe driving habits. Automate accident recognition and emergency service alerts to protect lives and keep roads safer. Deliver entertainment services and real-time info to the driver, all using Software AG’s platform for the Internet of Things, Cumulocity IoT.

                    Shared vehicle services

From shared bikes and scooters to cars and even boats, vehicles of any kind can be IoT-enabled with sensors. Run a shared vehicle service with usage-based pricing with smart IoT solutions that track how vehicles are being used and their whereabouts.

                    Location analytics

Track passengers and staff presence in real time throughout the premises. Know where to assign staff to address bottlenecks and problem areas. Create detailed heat maps and visual analytics for visitor location and routes for floor plan optimization—all to optimize the customer experience.

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