Robust, scalable IoT

                Deliver enterprise grade IoT for the ultimate in reliability, security and performance

                Is your IoT solution enterprise grade?

Connected products are the future of industry. While it’s easier than ever to deploy an IoT solution for a single problem, soon entire lines of business will rely on dependable IoT performance. When IoT plays a critical role in your business processes, and the products your customers use, you need to ensure that your IoT solution is enterprise grade—and if not, that you have a plan to improve it. The first step is to assess what you currently have.

How well does your solution perform on 6 key criteria?

                Device-to-platform messaging

IoT devices push a range of messages to your IoT platform. Can you ensure that thousands, even millions, of IoT devices can efficiently and reliably feed data into your enterprise systems?

                Digital twin updates

Data from IoT devices is the foundation for software-based representations of physical systems. Are you confident that data used in IoT applications, visualizations and analytics tools is current and accurate?

                Mobile application queries

Your IoT platform is the source of data for business- and customer-facing apps. Are you able to maximize the business value of your IoT solution with accurate, timely and reliable data?

                Over-the-air updates

Your IoT platform pushes firmware or software to IoT devices to patch security vulnerabilities and update code. Are you confident you can reliably push updates that reduce cyber risks and boost reliability?

                Mass disconnect response

Large numbers of IoT devices simultaneously disconnecting and reconnecting to your IoT platform can potentially disrupt stability. You need to quantify and plan for worst-case risks to ensure enterprise-grade reliability.

                Distributed denial-of-service attack

If compromised devices flood your system with data, it can bring down your IoT platform. Can your security software ensure continued availability of the platform throughout the attack?

                    Meet the reliable, scalable IoT platform

Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform helps you do more with IoT for faster business results and sustained innovation. Developed under rigorous testing, it delivers the ultimate in reliability, scalability and performance. See how to simplify IoT deployment, management and analytics for even the most demanding applications.

                    6 key tests for your IoT platform

What's the best way to ensure your IoT solutions are reliable, scalable and high performance? Measure them with realistic and dynamic tools. MachNation has developed a robust methodology with 6 tests that reveal if your IoT solution is enterprise-grade. See how your solutions perform, and learn how the right IoT platform can help you manage millions of devices efficiently.

                    Want to replace your IoT platform?

Many organizations are using IoT platforms that are technically complex, require outsized investments of time and resources to stand up and maintain—and simply cannot scale to meet business needs. MachNation research finds that in-house built or legacy IoT platforms are unable to provide the speed, cost efficiency, resiliency and reliability enterprises need. Learn six steps to replacing your IoT application enablement platform.

                    Webinar: Raising the Bar on IoT Performance

Enterprise-grade reliability should be built into every IoT solution. Learn how leaders accurately measure IoT performance to improve the reliability of their end-to-end IoT solutions—and the unique things is Software AG doing to offer its customers verified, enterprise-grade IoT solutions.

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What if you could get these benefits from an IoT platform? 339% ROI and $8.1 million in business benefits in three years and payback in less than one year. A commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study showed these outcomes from the Cumulocity IoT platform.

                    IoT Buyer's Guide

Looking to connect and monitor industrial equipment and create value-added IoT-enabled services that significantly differentiate your products and create new revenue streams? Read this guide to help you find the best IoT platform that enables this and delivers the outcomes you want and need.

                    IoT: Scale for success

An IoT solution that supports a few devices at a single site is no longer enough. Learn how to overcome the challenges of designing, deploying and managing IoT at scale.

                    Mass IoT

Join Software AG and Beecham Research to gain unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of mass IoT deployments and what it takes to scale successfully. We will share what you need from an IoT solution to succeed, why extensible device management capabilities are so important to your IoT future, and much more.

                    Why IoT projects fail

So why aren’t more companies capitalizing the potential of IoT to transform organizations, create new business models and disrupt entire industries? Many IoT projects are not meeting expectations, and many fail completely. In fact, Beecham Research tells us nearly 75% of all IoT projects aren’t considered a success. Learn how to beat the odds on your IoT project.

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