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                Easily manage any asset with our ready to use device management solution

                Simplify your IoT device management

What could be simpler than one console to onboard and manage all of your IoT devices? With Cumulocity IoT, you’ll be able to make use of a ready-to-use IoT solution, to easily connect and manage millions of IoT devices. Manage the entire lifecycle of your device fleet – plan and onboard, monitor and maintain, all the way through to the decommissioning of devices.

Get started today and leverage the best-in-class IoT device management platform and see how Cumulocity IoT simplifies your IoT journey.


Easily and efficiently scale your solution from the first proof of concept to your entire device fleet, regardless of your deployment choices, all thanks to using a consistent architecture. Register and update millions of devices at once.


Make use of an IoT platform with secure multi-tenancy, scalability, and encryption functionalities. Safeguard your connected devices and data with robust, certified, governed security measures.


Tailor your IoT solutions with an extensible framework that supports self-service streaming analytics to automate operations, easily integrates with systems across your business, and provides a starting point to develop your own extensions and differentiators.

                    Efficient IoT device management

Keep track of millions of devices with a platform that can act as an IoT device management platform, and more. Bring efficiency to managing your device fleets – assign your devices to static groups but also define “smart groups” that are updated automatically based on any desired criteria or device property. Create digital twins by remodeling your physical asset or system to contextualize the generated data and interact with it as needed.

                    Manage devices at scale

Onboard, update and configure millions of devices at once. With a unified IoT device management tool, Cumulocity IoT enables you to manage devices throughout their lifecycle. Monitor the status of your devices, minimize downtimes by visualizing key information, alarms and critical errors in dashboards.

                    Automate actions and manage assets remotely

Automate actions and workflows based on events and alarms sent by your device. Use templates to integrate IoT data without writing a single line of code to increase speed to value. Simply drag and drop to connect the most popular SaaS and IoT apps to orchestrate your workflows and instill efficiencies in you processes and operations. Furthermore, use Cumulocity IoT’s analytics toolset to implement custom logic to analyze and act on data in real time, allowing you to discover insights when they matter most.

                    Multi-tenancy & role-based access control

With role-based policies, and the ability to manage user access to devices and the data they provide, makes for greater IoT security. Create hierarchical multi-tenant solutions where customers (and their customers) can see only the data relevant to them, while still allowing data to be aggregated across all tenants. Heighten your security and confidently sell IoT services and B2B2X products using Cumulocity IoT.

                    A platform for your entire IoT journey

Cumulocity IoT is not limited to IoT device management. Focus solely on IoT device management, or let the platform support your entire IoT journey by using its pre-built applications to reduce time-to-market and time-to-value of your projects. Develop custom extensions with, the Microservices SDK, the Web SDK and our managed application hosting to differentiate yourself. Build out your differentiators deploy IoT use cases, such as remote monitoring and smart field services, and work towards organizational sustainability initiatives.

                A leader in IOT device management 6 years running

Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform receives top scores for IoT integration, lifecycle management and architecture in the 2022 MachNation IoT Device Management Scorecard. Take advantage of "excellent device lifecycle management capabilities", including support for resourse-constrained thin edge hardware and the rapidly-growing LPWAN market.

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