IoT device management

                Easily manage any asset with our ready to use device management solution

                Simplify your IoT device management

What could be simpler than one console to onboard and manage all of your IoT devices? With the Cumulocity IoT device management platform, you can manage the entire lifecycle of all devices and sensors, from planning and onboarding, to monitoring and maintenance, through to retirement. See how Cumulocity IoT simplifies your IoT configuration management.

                Manage all your “things”

Simplify and accelerate onboarding. Bulk register devices and access key device and sensor information in one place.

                Simplify with a single view

Create dashboards that pull together data, so you have a single view of the status of all devices and how your project’s performing.

                Keep every “thing” up to date

Update any number of devices efficiently in a controlled, phased way. Remotely configure them, and update software/firmware.

                Manage devices easily with Cumulocity IoT

Onboard it, register it, update it, retire it—do it all for your devices with the simplicity of one IoT device management platform. See why MachNation says Cumulocity IoT offers "excellent device lifecycle management." Read the 2021 IoT Device Management Scorecard.  

                    Bulk register devices & critical information

Onboard hundreds and thousands of devices at once. Simplified onboarding gets insightful data into your hands quickly. Plug in devices and the platform automatically accommodates their capabilities and data structure. Visualize metrics so it is meaningful information.

                    Centralize device management 

Manage devices throughout their lifecycle, from monitoring and maintenance, through to retirement using a unified device management tool. Monitor system resource information, cellular signal strength, GPS location and more.

                    Manage assets remotely

Remotely manage your IoT assets—accessing key information, alarms and critical errors. Do remote audits, status monitoring, configuration and software/firmware updates and installations. Create dashboards that pull together data into a single view. By creating “digital twins” (virtual doubles of physical things) you can see and interact with remote devices as needed.

                    Secure many tenants

Confidently sell IoT services and B2B2X products using Cumulocity IoT. You’ll be able to manage your customer data by creating hierarchical multi-tenancy solutions where customers (and customers’ customers) can see only the data relevant to them, while still allowing data to be aggregated across all their customers. Securely manage which users have access to which devices and the data they provide. Keep data secure using role-based policies.

                    Run a stand-alone edge solution

Gain autonomous control and do high-volume sophisticated data processing close to the data source. Automate decisions at the edge without needing to connect to cloud or on-premises instances of Cumulocity IoT to reduce bandwidth and load on back-end servers. Simplify development by using the same architecture everywhere—the same APIs, data and analytics models—from the cloud to the edge.

                    Get 339% ROI from IoT in 3 years

What if you could get these benefits from an IoT platform? 339% ROI and $8.1 million in business benefits in three years and payback in less than one year. A commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study showed these outcomes from the Cumulocity IoT platform. 

                    Triple your ROI from IoT

Explore the cost savings & business benefits of Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform