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The exceptional experiences you want to be known for are only possible when everything is connected. But the digital transformation required to make that happen gets more and more complex every day. Our products are here to help—across integration, API management, IoT & analytics and business transformation.
What are you working on today?
API and Application Integration
Create incredibly connected experiences for your customers, employees and partners with an AI-enabled enterprise iPaaS. Get everything you need to break free from integration chaos. 
Data Integration
Data-driven business is not a choice. It’s a necessity. Deliver analytics-ready data through resilient and repeatable pipelines that reduce costs and risks associated with data flow across the enterprise.
Business Process Mining and Management
Turn your strategy into an operating model. With business process analysis and management, you can lead (and finally complete) digital transformation.
IT Transformation
Optimize your IT investments and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in your IT portfolio.
Cumulocity IoT
Internet of Things
Connect your smart equipment and bring device data to the forefront to get insights that will save you money (and eliminate downtime) with an open, enterprise-grade IoT platform.
Adabas & Natural
Enterprise Transaction Applications
Get more out of the enterprise systems you’ve relied on for decades. Modernize and deploy your mission-critical applications on IBM Z® Systems, Linux or cloud while connecting seamlessly to the latest innovations.

What do our customers think?

"Our IT enterprise integration architecture puts the guest at the center. From shopping to booking to cruising, our API-driven architecture and event-driven ESB plays a key role in making the guest and crew experience the best it can be" 

- Srinivas Danduboyina, Supervisor of Enterprise Integration Architecture, Carnival Cruise Line

"The simplicity and speed of webMethods let us build an app for retail staff to check inventories with hand-held devices quickly. It literally changed how we operate at the lowest possible level.”

- Christophe Alie, CIO, Kiabi

"StreamSets allows me to provide stable, sustainable data operations on top of both a self-service and professional platform and to operate this at scale."

- Dan Jeavons, GM of Data Science, Shell

"The key to running a highly efficient business is ensuring that everyone is aware when changes are made. We’ve created the ideal conditions for this with Alfabet."

- Detlef Lemmen, IT Architect, Generali Deutschland

"Implementing any single system across the web of our rail lines has been complex, but ARIS has made it possible. With intelligent process management behind the scenes, our customers love that they can now use a single, contactless ticket-card for rail, bus, or any other form of public transportation."

- Ariel Cherti, System and Process Manager, SOFSE

"We’ve been able to learn so much about how our compressors actually run on-site, and we’re using that information to make improvements that directly benefit our customers.  With energy efficiency as a top priority for most companies right now, we are able to use our machine-learning platform to identify opportunities that deliver real value."

- Jair Junior, Automation Projects Manager, Mayekawa

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