Operational Resilience Demo Hub

Reliably identify and mitigate against risks and threats to enterprise operations


Find out what makes an enterprise operationally resilient and the best way to identify and protect core business processes – and the infrastructure supporting them. Discover how to achieve operational resilience in a world of complex, interconnected risks and rapid technological changes.

                    Process-driven risk & compliance management

Discover how to document risk & compliance-relevant data such as regulations, perform GRC tasks such as control tests and risk assessments, and visualize activities and statuses in dashboards. Effective regulatory management helps you to stay in control with regulations such as DORA.

                    Sourcing Risk

Learn how to identify all sources of ICT risk, trace threats to potential business and IT targets, and assess risk according to the impact on business operations. See what is required for effective threat management in the digital business age.

                    Building the ICT Risk Portfolio

Understand how to define the scope for risk management activities based on a complete inventory of IT assets, the business assets they support and their interdependencies. Learn how to prioritize when faced with a growing IT portfolio.

                    Managing ICT Risk

Learn the fundamentals of ICT risk management including creating the risk catalog, categorizing and scoring risks, associating risks to the IT portfolio, and defining and implementing mitigations. Find out how to turn IT risk management into a sustainable process.

                    Managing 3rd-party ICT Risk

Extend your resilience framework to include 3rd party service providers: track dependencies, manage and report on contractual relationships, and identify and avoid vendor lock. See how managing the IT ecosystem is integral to risk management.
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