Adabas Cluster for Linux

High Availability clusters for Adabas help you eliminate planned and unplanned downtime

Adabas Cluster for Linux enables you to run mission-critical applications with up to the highest availability level provided by your underlying infrastructure, on premises or in the cloud. Maintain business continuity by eliminating a single point of failure with a multi-node, geographically distributed deployment—ensuring transactional consistency.

Consistency for every Adabas transaction, delivered with confidence

You trust Adabas to support your mission-critical applications as the database management system that is hardware independent, and unparalleled in scalability and performance. Now, with Adabas Cluster for Linux, you can increase the SLA of Adabas for Linux to match the highest availability provided by your underlying infrastructure. Adabas Cluster for Linux eliminates the risk of downtime due to infrastructure failure, such as a Virtual Machine (VM) crash, by providing a cluster of secondary nodes running alongside the primary Adabas node. If the primary node becomes unavailable, self-healing capabilities immediately redirect workloads to a newly elected primary node, ensuring that every transaction committed to the cluster will be safely processed.

Greater reliability for every deployment scenario

Adabas for Linux offers the flexibility to run in your choice of infrastructure and deployment: on-premises or in the cloud, on VMs or containers. Adabas Cluster for Linux builds on this flexibility with a High Availability (HA) option requiring no application changes – just update your configuration and license to see the benefit.

Key benefits

  • Deliver greater business continuity on your choice of deployment and infrastructure
  • Increase the SLA of Adabas to match the availability of your underlying infrastructure
  • Reduce the risks of unplanned downtime
  • Maintain business continuity during scheduled maintenance
  • Improve scalability with secondary node read access
  • Out-of-the-box, vendor-supported solution that requires no code change
A three-node Adabas cluster eliminates a single point of failure

Key features

High Availability that matches your underlying hardware

Increase the SLA of Adabas to match the availability of your underlying infrastructure.

Data replication

Guaranteed transaction consistency with data replicated from primary node to secondary nodes. The risk of data loss is eliminated should any node experience network error or failure.

Automatic failover

Instantly detect any failures and automatically fail over to other nodes in the cluster.

Self-healing recovery

Restarted cluster nodes automatically resynchronize with other nodes when rejoining the cluster, with complete application transparency.

Multi-site clustering

Split nodes across data centers, with synchronous replication between sites and automatic failover in the event of a node failure.

Distributed, Shared Nothing architecture

Each node in the cluster contains a full set of the data and can be located on separate hosts to ensure continuous availability in the event of a process, hardware or network failure, including physical damage to a data center due to fire, water or other event.

Streamline planned maintenance

Update each node in the cluster individually, without taking the entire cluster offline – no need to shut down the cluster for updates or restart after patching Adabas or the operating system.

Read-access for scalability

Leverage secondary nodes for read-access and improve your scalability.

Run Adabas your way, reliably

Maintain your deployment on-premises or in the cloud, on VMs or containers – and enjoy the freedom to move your deployment from on-prem to the cloud or switch cloud providers in the future.

Support security

Maintain role-based access control (RBAC) to grant and revoke permissions. Use Adabas Encryption for Linux to protect your Adabas data against access by unauthorized agents, on premises and in the cloud.

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