Adabas Event Replicator for Linux

Make better decisions by sharing real-time data


Adabas Event Replicator for Linux® facilitates getting information to the right person at the right time by providing real-time change data capture for Adabas by updating third-party databases, data warehouses or messaging systems in real time when changes are made to the production Adabas database. Event Replicator supports real-time business processes, data analytics and disaster recovery.

Decisions and business processes are best made with real-time data. Since most organizations have information spread across multiple operational data stores, it is vital they capture changes in real time and replicate it to the data stores driving analytics and business processes.

Event Replicator ensures that the freshest data is available to your enterprise tools 24/7. It proactively and efficiently delivers data updates in real time to data warehouses and any database or middleware. It does this all without impeding on Adabas performance for managing high-speed transactions and large data volumes.

Key benefits

  • Improve decision making with access to real-time data
  • Trigger business processes in real time
  • Ensure continuous data flow from Adabas to select targets
  • Improve performance by eliminating query and reporting impacts on production transactions

Key features

Disaster recovery

Update hot standby systems at one or more remote locations to avoid time-consuming recovery procedures in the event of software or hardware failure, power outage or natural disaster.

Graphical user interface

Define new replication subscriptions in less than a minute using the graphical designer, written in C#.NET for Microsoft® Windows® desktops.

Replicate to RDBMS

Push changed data to targets including DB2®, Oracle®, Sybase®, SQL Server®, Teradata® and SAP HANA®.

Replicate to messaging systems

Provide real-time changes to a Java® Message Service (JMS) queue and trigger business processes tied to webMethods Integration Server and other messaging software.

Dynamic data selection

Change replication target “on the fly” without stopping or restarting the replication process.

Persistant storage

Allow the system to recover if there is a loss of communication between components for any reason (i.e., power outage, system reboot) with a message queue that provides persistent storage until components are available again.

Initial state

Create the “initial state” by moving all the data from a source Adabas file to a target table for the first time. Initial states may also be initiated automatically if an unrecoverable error occurs such as the Adabas database shutting down improperly.

Metadata dictionary

Maintain metadata used for replication for all involved databases and middleware in the dictionary.

Federated views

Create a federated view of replicated data with data across different systems by using Adabas SQL Gateway with appropriate target database adapters.

Tightly coupled replication

The replication technology is built directly into the Adabas nucleus—so there is no external scanning of PLOGs, no user exits. This provides a tightly coupled, highly reliable replication mechanism.

Event Replicator supports real-time data processes, business analytics and disaster recovery
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