Adabas Event Replicator for z/OS®

Make better decisions by sharing real-time data. Adabas Event Replicator proactively and efficiently delivers data updates in real time. It’s especially valuable when you need to feed Adabas data to a data warehouse or synchronize data between Adabas, popular SQL databases, major RDBMS, JMS and any user-defined destination.

Adabas Event Replicator is a highly flexible event-publishing tool that enables real-time data replication to target systems. It proactively pushes fresh data based on pre-defined rules to automatically transform and deliver selected Adabas data in real-time to Adabas, third-party databases or messaging systems. This true real-time replication automatically updates target applications when changes occur in the production Adabas database.

Key benefits

Reduce operational costs

Adabas Event Replicator publishes discrete data elements and selected content, unlike Change Data Capture (CDC)-based products that replicate data at the table level and process the entire PLOG. By publishing only the changes instead of all data, Adabas Event Replicator for z/OS lowers your overall system costs.

Improve performance

Achieve the high performance you expect from your production applications. Adabas Event Replicator can provide a complete copy of your Adabas production database for read-only queries and reporting by business users. It proactively pushes fresh data to target applications and eliminates the impact on production transactions.

Ensure business continuity

By updating hot standby systems at one or more remote locations in real-time, Adabas Event Replicator ensures business continuity and allows you to avoid time-consuming recovery procedures in the event of a software or hardware failure, power outage or natural disaster.

Increase productivity

By feeding changes from Adabas into your data warehouse in real time, Adabas Event Replicator eliminates the need for cumbersome ETL batch jobs that often result in end users performing business analytics based on out-of-date information.

This enables you to:
  • Increase business responsiveness to keep customers satisfied
  • Improve decision-making with access to the latest data
  • Improve high availability
event replicator adabas
Adabas Event Replicator proactively pushes select Adabas data to Adabas, third-party databases or messaging systems in real time.


Target adapters

Write replicated data to target RDBMS environments—including DB2®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Teradata®, Terracotta and PostgreSQL—with these time-saving adapters. Leverage and manipulate individual data subscriptions to reach multiple targets by defining the source and target handling in the target adapter.

User-defined target adapters

Replicate data to any user-defined destination such as files, non-relational stores, or real-time streaming platforms. Create your own target adapters by using the framework provided and manage with the Event Replicator standard administration interface.

Initial state/load process

Leverage mass load utilities of RDBMS to create fast initial state.

Subscription mapping

Easily create fine-grained source-target definitions using Predict metadata; map replication to target table structures; normalize MU/PE data structures; and specify primary or compound keys with this GUI-based mapping tool.

Recovery facility

Count on data and system integrity during planned and unplanned outages with this facility that restarts/recovers replicated transactions with communication checkpoints between origin and target adapters.

Dynamic data selection

Change replication targets easily as Event Replicator flushes all queues/buffers of replication data and restarts without stopping replication server or database.

Data security replication

Replicate Adabas security data, so you don’t have to manually keep security up to date. Adabas Encryption for z/OS is also fully supported.

Enhanced data filtering

Allows subscription criteria to be based on partial field values. For example, a delete operation can be handled in a subscription exit and turned into an update request to the target, or ignored entirely.

Data publishing

Publish data to webMethods Integration Server for efficient integration with advanced data transformation and data aggregation. Extend Adabas by using the In-Memory technology product, Software AG’s Terracotta. Data can be loaded into Terracotta and kept up-to-date.


In the event of an interruption, the source database can re-synchronize with the target system by "re-playing" Adabas log data (PLOG).

Process monitoring

Monitor, control and audit the entire replication process.

Adabas utility support

Data manipulation executed by Adabas utilities on the source database are also replicated to target systems

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