Adabas & Natural: Vision and road map

The future of Adabas & Natural offers one of the most important aspects to business today: innovation. And the innovation we speak of will reach far beyond the year 2050 as our products continue to save IT cost, increase data protection, update developer environments and processes. By integrating monolithic and siloed IT architectures -- and the cloud -- core applications are made future ready.This video details the latest developments businesses can expect in new products and features, such as Adabas Encryption, Adabas Auditing, Adabas Manager v8.6.0, NaturalOne v9.1.3, EntireX, CONNX and ApplinX. See what's going to be unveiled beyond the horizon of innovation and be prepared for a new era.

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See what you can do with Adabas & Natural to 2050 and beyond